Check this out. Subpoena the house phones and emails


Not at all!

If he can prove congress issued those subpoenas for the unlawful purpose of obstructing justice, then he would be right to reject them.

And that’s just teh obvious purpose for reviewing those communications. I’m sure there are a dozen other, more nuanced reasons to deny those subpoenas that we wouldn’t know about being idiots on the internet.



No - if it’s work email, it’s work related.

You are being pretty blindly partisan here. Suggesting work email is personal…very strange.


Haven’t really dug into it much but I imagine if he had reasonable suspicion those aides were already responsible for leaking investigation info that could be a valid reason not to give them additional docs.


The point seems to be that he can prove he didn’t with their own correspondence with him.


Devin Nunes has probably run straight to the White House to tell them what was up directly after getting briefed on the investigation. And it was his head staffer who had this exchange with Rosenstein.




Posts like these, are why cartoons like this exist.


It was implied threat.


Only if youre desperate to be a victim.

Which makes sense now.


Don’t care lib…either way you must never be allowed to have power ever again…EVER!!!

Our freedoms are at stake.


Liberals have not been in power for 40+ years. Centrist conservatives have held the reigns, along with extreme conservatives for far too long, in both parties.

I could respect, but disagree with your opinion, if you stayed in the land of empirical evidence, and reality.

But for some odd reason, you choose to believe easily refutable BS, that follows your narrative, versus being critical of the BS information you are spoon fed.

This thread illustrates this perfectly.

Nothing worse than arrogant ignorance.


They have become nothing more then authoritarian thugs that won’t hesitate to crap all over our Constitution to maintain their power.


which means absolutely nothing since he (through congress) has the ultimate authority to demand the docs


Too bad that Rosenstein doesn’t do the right thing and recuse himself.


Who was running that Executive branch in which the CoJ and FBI was under for the 8 years between 2009 and 2016?


Congress does not have unlimited power to demand docs.


He feels he’s the only person standing in the way of Trump dictatorship. :wink:


lol, yes, they do. they also have the ultimate authority to decide if they will turn over anything to Rosenstien for his defense. Any subpoena he issues will be meaningless. Only the congress can decide whether or not to release congressional materials. It is completely outside of any courts jurisdiction.


Ben…I’m glad you joined us.


have to come see what the silly liberals post once in a while.