Check this out. Subpoena the house phones and emails


I don’t know about you. But I am really starting to get the feeling that there are a whole lot of Congressmen and Senators on the hill that are concerned that Trump and crew are guilty. And their fear is that if it is a fact there is a good probability that they loose the white house for some time to come.


I agree. He has maintained his integrity and principles by and large. Agree or disagree with them as you will. But he has stuck to them.


That’s the general sense I’m getting as well. And they are willing to destroy our whole Law Enforcement institutions out of a desperation to maintain power. Power and party over country. I feel like we are so damaged as a nation. It’ll take generations to overcome what this cancer is doing to us.


Listen, I’m genuinely not sure if you people just don’t get this or you do and you’re just saying this because you don’t want it to be true, but Rosenstein was threatened with contempt of Congress and if he was as a defendant he would be entitled to an exculpatory information which would clearly include correspondence with the congressmen holding him in contempt on the subject of releasing the files.


I never liked him and thought he was a horrible choice for the job. But I do agree with you on that one. And it has to really bug Trump that he won’t kneel down and kiss his ring.


And the mopes repeat it verbatim. They ain’t too smart, and for people who supposedly are interested in politics and government its like the more they listen the less they know.


It is sad to see what has happened to the Republican party. And I blame the leadership for letting this downward spiral continue. I can only hope that the mid-terms will help correct the course.


The legal process is strange and scary to me, I can be led to believe anything by hacks with an agenda.

That’s the OP summary.


I agree. I am thankful daily to have left the party many moons ago. But I am sad to see what they are becoming. And yes, it is leadership, but it is also a healthy dose of so many on the right engaging in little more than confirmation bias, as opposed to independent thinking. And the huge for-profit media juggernaut on radio and television that gladly abide their desires to only be told what to think.


I get it. It’s ok with you that the Deputy Attorney General withholds documents from the congressional oversight committees in their investigations. He can threaten those who have the oversight of his department.


Rosenstein was threatened first.

Congress does not have unlimited power to subpoena documents.


What part of tainting a active investigation don’t you get? See my example in post #74 and let me know what you think.


Why should information about an active investigation be given to a “committee” just because they want it? Is this an opinion that you’ve always held or is it a recent development?


If I heard correctly this AM, Rosenstein is concerned that Nunes is using his position to gain information about the russia probe, then sharing that information with the people the probe is investigating.

Are you OK with that behavior? Or should it be looked into and stopped if it’s occurring?


From the Fox News article:

The committee staffer noted that Rosenstein’s comment could be interpreted as meaning the department would “vigorously defend a contempt action" – which might be expected.



That post above was addressing your OP - I guess I didn’t link it correctly.


What is Rosenstein hiding? We know that he signed one bogus FISA warrant. What’s in the IG report?


If he was charged with contempt of congress he would have the right and the authority to defend himself.

That is what he was saying.


His motivation is not about hiding anything. It is granting them information regarding an active investigation.
Nunes wants all of the evidence and methods. Rosenstein is concerned that he will pass that information along to those with a vested interest in the investigation. I can not understand why you think that is unwise??



Those correspondence could well prove the real motivation behind the subpoenas was to subvert the russia investigation. That would be relevant to the defense.