Car rammed into 2 capitol police officers at the vehicle barrier to the building

1 suspect in custody,3 people including the 2 cops taking to the hostpital,possibly medivaced out

Very strange since it is Good Friday, both houses are not in session and most of the staff is not there.
There must be more to this story. The car’s whole front end is bashed in enough to make the air bags deploy. I hope the injured officers are okay.

Has the media called this white supremacy yet?


Reports of shots fired, likely by police.

Biden will soon call for a ban on cars and knives.


This is a funny thing to care about given your incredulity in another thread 5 minutes ago:

What authority does the media have that makes you care?

Just funny timing of these seemingly contradictory ground rules for what constitutes a valid concern.

Why didn’t the National Guard troops prevent this??


Are we playing gotcha now or discussing topics. Where are we going with this?

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I’m pretty sure this could not have happened with and electric car.


Somehow I get the feeling Trumpers don’t care…maybe I’m wrong :man_shrugging:

I predict a long series of hand waving posts and no actual thoughts on the topic at hand

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Trumpers couldn’t give a rats ass about how you feel about them. Is there a reason we should?


I feel bad for the police officer that was injured, and of course his or her family.

Wonder who is was. Speculation is rampant until it is revealed.



A perfect reply.

I’m gonna go with some nutter, because it always is.


Don’t worry, it will probably come out that this was a crazy lib and the left won’t care anymore.

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As I said, speculation runs rampant.

I care no matter who it is or what the motive was.


Give them some credit. I mean they really cared when rand paul was…

I mean when Steve Scalise was…

Or when The White House was under siege last summer with over 100 officers injured…

You may be right after all.


I’m glad they have him alive. I would love to hear what triggered him. His medical history etc.

reports are the cops shot and killed him

Oh dayum. Let the rumors fly.

Thanks for the info.