Can't Believe This Sicko is a Sitting Member of Congress, As Well as a 2020 DEMOCRAT Presidential Candidate

Because the facts don’t prove the GOP talking point.


Same is true in NJ. We had tons of protests. Our curve continued down. We are have a slight uptick but our contact tracers have determined house parties at the shore are directly repsonsible for most of those cases.

Yep, then there’s this:

Damn facts.

Good post and fair assessment, but I believe there is a fundamental attribution error there. Our governor told us we could open up if we did certain things. There were conditions.

We didn’t do them and now we are suffering the consequences of failing to follow simple instructions.

And it ignores California.

No chance. The whole state is full of liberal haters.

nothing is ignored except the responses. All you have to do to verify that large spikes correlate to Floyd protests is look at a damned map. It doesn’t take a scientist to do that. Anyone with a modecum of common sense can see it.

NY is also easily explained. The virus spread was near 25%, there is a level of immunity there that other places don’t have. Don’t worry though, the anti bodies don’t last long so you should see an increase beginning soon, in fact, its started in NJ already. You guys and your denials of what is plain before your face, and of science you don’t agree with is frankly disturbing, and dangerous.

and again, NJ having been hit hard early enjoyed a degree of immunity for a while. That immunity is about over, and guess what… up tick, uptick, up tick. Deny what you wish, a few house plarties don’t cause thousands of new cases, it takes a bigger event than that. You’ll all see, too late I’m sure.

Where is that 25 percent immunity coming from?

Personally, I believe the strains in NY and CA were slightly different. The NY strain being the one that came in from Europe which seems more viral and more deadly, the CA strain being the one from China, which seems slightly less virulent and much less deadly. Its a hunch.

having already had the disease. Don’t you follow the science? NYC was at 22% months ago

No it wasn’t. It was 22 percent of people tested at a random site. They were spot testing areas. That’s doesn’t speak to 22 percent immunity. Don’t make up science and then ask others to follow it?

They weren’t house parties that are being primarily blamed for this.

It really is fascinating the way you make conclusive statements because there is some support for that statement while ignoring the whole picture.

Texas isn’t shutting down bars because people are having a couple of house parties.

No. We do not know that


I made up nothing, you just did though.

Tell us where that article says they prevent you from getting infected. I’ll be waiting.

BTW, that “body of evidence” is equally explained by the dropping median age of COVID patients.

and the spikes in TX correlate to Floyd protests in urban areas… amazing huh?

Where is TX problem? Austin and Houston. Where were there sustained protests of young people in TX? Austin and Houston. Who goes to clubs and parties? Those same young people… freakin amazing huh?

Those aren’t the only areas in Texas experiencing spikes. You are way passed correlation.

Did i are you sure? Because there is no science out there that suggested that ny had 25 or 22 percent immunity.

You did say it though like it was true so i guess that makes it so because you said it resoundingly.

there is and denial won’t change it. You can as you wish deny any science that does not fit your narrative and opt instead for the spin of the leftist masters who give you your opinions. I’ll stick with the science thats been reported.

I am denying your opinion. You have resorted to your usual crutch of “leftist masters” cuz that’s all you got left. Nobody has reporters 22 or 25 percent immunity. You are using your feelings and claiming science.