Can't Believe This Sicko is a Sitting Member of Congress, As Well as a 2020 DEMOCRAT Presidential Candidate

seth moulton (is there a way to type in lower than lower case??) DEMOCRAT-MA, suggested that people in southern states are “getting what’s coming to them” regarding the spread of covid, and this happened during a conference call in support of the DEMOCRAT Sen. candidate in Kentucky running against mcconnell. These are American citizens he’s talking about. I guess I shouldn’t be surprised considering how many times I’ve seen liberals talking about how great it would be for the older generation to die out.

According to the article, mcgrath kind of laughed and shrugged it off. I didn’t watch the video. Either way I can’t imagine this helping her candidacy.

What a pig. Maybe the good people of Massachusetts will vote him out in the fall.


Full quote:

“We certainly have this perception in the Northeast that all the red states are, you know, they kind of — they’re getting what was coming to them because they refused to follow these mandates, and they’re playing politics with this rather than listening to the science

… judging by the amount of new cases & deaths in the states that rushed to re-open, he’s not wrong. Did they not pay attention to what was happening in the Northeast a few months back?

And you consider this person a “pig” & a “sicko” for saying this? Have you never heard of your President speaking?


Reopening is not the cause of the Floyd spikes.


Trump said people are “getting what’s coming to them” regarding covid??

I’m gonna need a link.

Correct. Reopening TOO SOON was a cause, as well as people not social distancing, idiots refusing to wear masks, and an overall nonchalance related to a dangerous pandemic.

While many nations have put the worst of this thing behind them, those in the US seem bound and determined to see how many records they can break with this pandemic thing. I’ve never seen anything like it. It defies logic.


I’m awful tempted to type “liberal virus” into the search box here.


Fake outrage noted.


Playing games again? You know exactly what I meant in my post. Like someone else said, fake outrage noted.

Where’s the fake outrage?? I’ve stayed out of the bickering over covid for the most part.

If you’ve seen otherwise from me, let me know.

moulton is a pig. He sounds like the disgusting people happy about Cain and gohmert getting covid.

Good luck with laugh mcgrath though.

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reopening is a minor factor. Every large spike is correlated by a Floyd protest. It is protests that caused the large spikes, not reopening. Yes, reopening would see an increase in cases, we knew that going in, but these large spikes are specifically and solely Floyd spikes.

The actual experts disagree. You can’t find a single epidemiologist who supports that faulty conclusion.


Actual proof from experts, please.

Folks, please wear a ■■■■■■■ mask!

you can’t find one who refutes it either. every single one of them say large gatherings, i.e., protests, where people are not socially distanced and many not wearing masks, and loudly speaking is a cause of spread. show me one single epidemiologist who says thats not true. if one does, he’s either a liar or an idiot.

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hundreds… meh, not good, but manageable. tens of thousands… not so much

you need proof that large gatherings of people not social distancing with many not wearing masks or wearing them improperly shouting in unison will spread covid? lol.

I disagree with your first identified cause. Reopening too soon is not. Going “back to normal” is. We didn’t continue to do what we should have as we reopened. So when it spike, the spike is much worse than it should have been.

Masks are good, they aren’t magic.

This is on We…the People.

Yeah, how dare you encroach on the perpetual outrage arena of the “sufferers of TDS”.

lol… a month old story with quotes from economists as its experts. There are reasons why the places hit the hardest earlier did not see huge spikes from Floyd, they had a higher level of herd immunity than areas that fared well early on. A level of immunity that will, according to the science be tapering off very soon. Every spike is correlated to a large Floyd protest. In the states with current spikes the spikes are centered on the large metros where large and sustained protesting occurred. You don’t need a degree in anything to see it. is there an increase associated with reopening? of course there is, but not the large spikes.