Candace Owens Black Conservative and Trump supporter


Incels are not leftist in any shape.
they are hardcore right wingers who follow the “Red Pill” culture.

The fact Candice uses alt-right talking point proves she is inline with them in some manner.


That certainly is what they tell poor people.


I didnt lie. I simply described your gushing over someone you admitted to barely knowing anything about. And you couldn’t even answer the damned question without dishing out a tiny Trumpian insult.


Republican policies are not designed to disenfranchise anyone, they are designed to empower all equally.


Yeah that’s what they say to win votes. That and “brown people are scary” but nothing they do has anything to do with empowering people equally.


Well that’s a crock of ■■■■!!! trump is riding on President Obama’s wave of success when he pulled our country out of an economic disaster and wars. Any OBJECTIVE person with more than HALF OF A BRAIN could look at a graph and see that the Black and Latino unemployment rate was on a downward trend during at least the beginning of President Obama’s second term. trump had NOTHING to do with that!
It’s funny to hear the dishonest conservatives suddenly fail to mention the “real unemployment rate!” that they touted when progress was made during President Obama’s tenure. You should be ashamed of yourselves but you have no shame. :grinning:


I’ve often said that wingers fall in and out of love so easily. Remember when they wanted Megyn Kelly for president? I think it was after she moderated something.


She has a right to speak her mind and the people who oppose her have a right to speak their minds. End of story.


You lied, we can all see it.

'Bright and Articulate" isn’t “gushing” by any means and it sure as hell doesn’t express the least bit of “amazing”.


The one thing you excel at is making ■■■■ up out of hole cloth.


If you ever accidentally post something factual here it will be a welcomed pleasure.

I don’t expect to see it however in this lifetime.


You were gushing. Own it.


Do you think Republican policies are designed to help the poor? Paul Ryan just fired a Chaplain for caring too much about the poor.


What the hell? We were at war in Syria, Iraq, and Afghanistan when Obama left office and during his tenure the WOT spread to over 30 new countries, mostly in Africa along with of course turning against a US Ally in deposing Q’daffi and handing the country of Libya over to terrorists as a result.


And what do you excel at, sparky? I was hoping this new forum would offer you a transformational opportunity. Oh well. One can hope.


For the life of me I can’t understand why you’re not a hit with the ladies.


I know they are and they do hence the current rising of real wages and income and record low unemployment.

There has been no stated reason for the firing of the Chaplain so again, you’re just making it up as you go along.


You want women to be treated equally? I do.


You were gushing and everyone saw it. And even admitted you barely knew anything about her.

All it takes is for someone like her to say things you like and you’re in love.


You are trolling, go bother someone else.