Candace Owens Black Conservative and Trump supporter

I love her comments about how Obama was bad for the black community. If you look beyond the hip hop stars at the white house and look at how blacks did during the Obama years, and compare that to how they are doing now, It’s obvious Trump is doing more real stuff American blacks. Seems there’s a real awakening that’s happening in the black community that decades of supporting one party has left them with little power. If only a few percent of black Americans vote Republican or just don’t vote the dems will have big trouble trying to regain power. So, stay woke…lol

Meanwhile the dems are all about sanctuary cities which are just open borders. Although I’ve noticed Cal’s AG is hiding since his support for illegal criminals seems to have started a revolt in Cal’s counties. Xavier Becerra should be made the face of democrats.

Anyway here’s Candace doing a funny bit about telling her lib parents she’s conservative…

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Hipocrisy at its best.

Candace Owens, Kanye West’s new bestie, claims that racism is no longer an issue. Was that before or after her family won a lawsuit for $37,500 from the Stamford, Conn., Board of Education as a result of racism? Perhaps the board should ask for a refund.

In 2016, Owens wrote an open letter to the Stamford Advocate sharing how racial slurs and death threats from classmates drove her to an eating disorder and therapy. In this open letter she said, “Those words destroyed me. I held my head high at school, but I went home and I cried every single night.” In another interview she told the Connecticut Post it took her seven years to move past the incident: “[When something like that happens,] you become hostile. You become bitter.”


A few percent of black voters vote Republican in every election.

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One black Trumpkin. Big deal. She’s vastly outnumbered.

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She is prompting “Red Pill” ideology something that just got 10 innocent Canadian killed.

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Yep, she’s an idiot and an opportunist.

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it might be the emotions but ■■■■ the altright.

Thanks for the comic relief! It wasn’t like all of “the Blacks” were out of work and just shucking and jiving and then trump comes along and snaps his fingers and tells them to get to work and they run and find jobs! :))
This is just a continuing trend that was occurring during President Obama’s time in office. What ever happened to the "real unemployment rate that you folks kept bringing up when President Obama’s numbers were going up?

Very interesting! Even Kilmeade was dogging the republican party and their attitudes towards Black people.

lies lies… no black person is a conservative.

Did that make sense to you when you typed it? Because it’s meanginless with respect to my post.

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you are correct. I read too much into your post Drawzzzzzz. Apologies.

I’ll delete.

We can’t have black voices supporting Trump, Republicans, or Conservatives, she’ll have to be destroyed.

It doesn’t matter if what she alleged actually happened she can’t say anything negative about those who haven’t suffered the same abuses and indignities riding the grievance train.

I have no issue with Black voice support Trump.
I have an issue with anyone supporting the Alt-Right.

You don’t know what the “alt-right” is.

What little I know of Candice is that she sounds like a middle of the road conservative and a very bright young lady.


Explain how “red pill ideology” got 10 Canadians killed.

Wha? Kanye certainly is.

Bright because you agree with her ideologically.

What are you talking about? We all know it only takes one black person to speak for ALL black people.

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