Candace Owens Black Conservative and Trump supporter



Thanks Trump for walking those two last yards to the end zone?


since she and i are black she must speak for me… way to go champ on your logical thinking…:neutral_face::neutral_face::neutral_face::neutral_face:


I’m a bit confused. Is racism dead or was she lying when she alleged racism in her lawsuit?


Was that the period of time when she was changing from liberal to conservative & could those racial slurs & death threats have come from liberal black students and gone unchecked by the school Administrators? Since the article is kind of vague on exactly who was attacking her so my guess is that’s more likely the case which she obviously won so the school was guilty of something and more then likely it was supporting LIBERALISM ideology at the expense of students.


B-b-b-but Kayne. B-b-b-but Candace Owens is a bright young lady!


you cant be serious…


What is the purpose in pointing out that this person is black?

22 years ago I said to a co-worker when asked about a certain TV star “she’s a good looking black woman”. She set me straight. Now, I leave off the racial qualifiers.


Those qualifiers should only be used if it is an important piece of the narrative. My father in law will tell a story like " this black guy crossed the street and was cussed out for stepping in front of a car" and that would been the end of the story. I would ask, what is the point of mentioning she is black? It has nothing to do with the story… and I would get crickets.

In this case I think it is an important piece since being black and conservative is rare


She’s definitely not the only American woman that supports a lying adulterer. Heck, sometimes NBA wives even support their cheating husbands. Of course that’s probably for money and not politics.


It was probably leftists calling her racial names for being conservative…


Good point


As you say, she escaped from the Democratic plantation. :roll_eyes:


YES I’m serious! She obviously won her lawsuit against the school and the “death threats” are the most concerning thing to me and we all know that liberals do not tolerate “free speech” on campus and liberals come in all sizes and colors, so YES I’d like more info on exactly who her attackers were.


Why exactly should minorities support Trump?


this should be good


Your failure to educate yourself isn’t my fault the killer was heavy into the alt right.


You woke…


i could see LeBron or JayZ (or people like them) supporting Trump. he just saved them a massive amount of money.

he basically gave all these guys a massive raise…


Better schools … safer neighborhoods.


yes, Look at all the feminists that defended Bill Clinton last election…