Candace Owens Black Conservative and Trump supporter


Why should they support white democrats?


Oh? What specifically is he doing to those ends?


“The left thinks Blacks are stupid” A video from Candace answering your question…


“Bright” because the way she’s able to express her views and to show independent thought. Two things you’ll never achieve.


Again with your absolute inability to give a straight answer.

You made the claim, support it if you can.


Perhaps the rarity of black conservatives and especially female black conservatives?

You folks interject race into everything but suddenly it’s a problem with conservatives mention it? That’s rich.


You right wingers are so easily sucked in. I wish I had the ability to sell my soul and regurgitate the crap that you like to hear from black people, but I just can’t do it. You people will support absolutely ANY black person who you think believes what you believe.


Yes, we love black American conservatives… I have a dream. They take over Oakland…


You have to work really hard to alienate a ton of conservative people (who are black) so that you have basically no support from them.


I should’t have to explain what the alt-right is.
how many people have to die because of these people before you take it serious?


It’s amazing you’re able to come to that conclusion even admitting how little you know about her?

Coming from you, I’ll take that as a high compliment!! Thanks!

Amazing you weren’t able to offer an honest question without an insult. Like Dear Leader, like sycophant!!


Because democratic policies aren’t designed to disenfranchise minorities.


Weird that WR admitted he knows little about but finds her to be so amazing.

All it takes is to just say the things right wingers like and agree with and they’re head over heels.


They why are many going to poor schools and living in war zones… To be enfranchised is a good job in the private sector…


Republicans have no interest in providing jobs to anyone. I can’t believe you still think that.


Hilarious. This is why we see her as a bright, articulate young lady and you as a ranting partisan lunatic.

Please, keep on.


You claimed Candice’s “red pill” philosophy resulted in their deaths. “Incels” sure as hell aren’t “right” by any measure of the word, if anything they are overwhelmingly leftist in their political views.

Now are you going to somehow find a way to substantiate your claim that “red pill ideology” is responsible for these deaths or take off on yet another mindless tangent?


Trump isn’t changing that. He’s too busy whining on Twitter to actually work.


The idea is to have an economy with enough opportunity so you can get your own job and not have to be “provided” one by the govt. That’s real freedom and what republicans want for all races.


Quit lying about me, I never used the word amazing or anything remotely resembling it.

I do find her interesting and plan to learn more about her.