Candace Owens Black Conservative and Trump supporter


How pathetic. See the chart from earlier. Black unemployment and income have been improving steadily for a long time. Amazing you just now noticed.


You were gushing. Own it.


so your a feminist?


Where is the formal Declaration of War with any of those countries? President Obama inherited Afghanistan and Iraq. Intervening in Libya was STUPID, the terrorists were most likely moving from place to place when it got too “hot” for them. ow we have ISIS in Afghanistan.


Trump has certainly been able to ride his predecessor’s coattails and continue all the good work Obama did to restore our economy after Bush destroyed it.

If Trump is able to continue improving things without trashing the economy again, I’ll come back and say you’re right.


Well that’s not true. They are designed to disenfranchise white males, which are a minority in this country.

They are also designed to favor certain groups over others. For example, for the past decade your policy has been designed to favor immigrants over black Americans.


White males are overenfranchised, which is now an official term.

The second thing you said is not true.


How are you different?


Obama made it look easy.


Liberals are critical thinkers. Which is what hurts us in elections. That and systematic conservative disenfranchisement and oligarchs purchasing influence.


Providing? Why do you say that?


The article you posted doesn’t exactly agree with that.

I don’t think they’re right or left.




Because that’s where we’re at. Automation has essentially destroyed the “good ol’ days” economy and any sort of sustainable vision of America is now 100% dependent on government intervention and “created” jobs instead of ones that arise out of the free market.


:rofl: how?

Of course it is. You take the black vote for granted to the point where you’re ignoring them to court the flood.

You promised them the moon for the last 60 years and gave them nothing after the first 10.

You can’t hear them? “Say something I’m giving up on you…”


That’s what they were saying during the industrial revolution. But, it was completely wrong.


:rofl: I like you, you’re cute. Go read The Righteous Mind and come back.


Good Lord! You actually believe that? What do you do for a living?


You don’t understand how white males have disproportionate political influence in this country both as politicians and voters? Interesting.

I’m not super comfortable speaking for the black community but I think the thing you take for granted is that the republican base still views them as escaped slaves.


Something that pays substantially more than whatever it is that you do.