Candace Owens Black Conservative and Trump supporter


You brought up Mediamatters. I agree Duke is a kook. Who did the kook support last election?


It began under Bismark and not everyone had access to it. Part of the Nazi platform was to expand it to provide an equal level of care to all.

Hitler supported it and ran on it along with the rest as I laid out.

State run healthcare in Russia was a product of the communist revolution.

Bismark only approved it to counter the socialists and communists.

The point is, just because you agree with someone on some issues doesn’t mean you agree with them on all issues.


Before the war, not after. The rape of Germany in the post war years gave rise to the Nazis and contributed greatly to creating the great depression because it killed the economic engine of europe.


The living wage was Hitler’s promise to solve that problem, or part of it at least.


If I say I find Candace Owens cute is that social acceptable?

I know how sensitive you libs are.


Uh oh. According to the article, she’s in Israel with Jarvanka. You think they’ll leave her there?


Here’s a good video explaining the evolution of the Republican party from Lincoln to Trump.


Nice find.


More hypocrisy from Candace Owens. She was a Trump basher during the campaign.


Not even close. Only about 20 dems in the house voted for the 13th and that after much arm twisting from Lincoln. 100 percent of the GOP voted for it.


Awesome. You understand that the GOP during that time isn’t the same GOP of today … right? Same goes for the Democrats. You get that, right?


Yes. At the time of the vote the majority of the country’s Democrats were southern conservatives


You realize southern states didn’t have representatives yet as the war had just ended?


I’m familiar with the democrat talking points. Have debated that many many times and see no need to do it again.


Not sure what the point is to bring up a vote from over 100 years ago. That was then. This is now. If it was up for a vote today, the GOP wouldn’t have supported it.


Ok. Historical fact is not a talking point. You should really watch that video I posted earlier. I think it would help understand how parties have changed.


Once again, familiar with dem talking points and attempts to rewrite history. Have a nice day.


I’m actually really confused. Like, this is documented history. The parties have fundamentally switched on certain issues over the past 150 years or so. Why are you trying to deny this and call it a “talking point”?


Repetition doesn’t make something so. Have been here before and don’t have the inclination for another all day debating nonsense from the left.

Have a nice day.


Just to be clear, and this will be my last question for you, are you saying that the Democratic party of, let’s say, 1865 is the same Democratic party of 2018? In that, they hold the same views, values, and beliefs?