Candace Owens Black Conservative and Trump supporter


Lol red pilled The meme fit for odious narcissists who create conspiracies to hide the fact that they are full of ******


A democrat is a democrat. Don’t blame the party for trying to run away from it i suppose.

My last answer. Not going to do an endless debate today.


Ok, fair enough. You are completely and utterly wrong. But I respect the passion in which you hold your wrong beliefs.


And yet there were so many posts on the old forum about how he is one of the worst presidents ever according to righties. it’s great.


What it must be like to live in such a simple world.


Remember all the praise righties gave Obama for replacing a foreign leaders bust in the White House with one of Lincoln? They must have greatly praised the decision to put such an amazing, GOP leader up as an idol.


Establishment types are quite angry that an outsider got in. Their problem.

tens of millions are quite pleased however.


Are you asserting that the states’ rights, pro-traditional values, limited federal government, conservative Democrats of the south in the 19th century is the equivalent of the contemporary Democratic party?


Well that is an odd, unrelated comment.


Mr West is cool


Ahh candace owens, a petulant whiny transphobe who cant stop personally attacking anyone who debates her, a narcissistic bimbo who acts like the typical high school prep when someone challenges her. She was probably the worst guest Dave Rubin ever had on his show but hey i know why trumpists go gaga over her.


Because she’s smart and cheery…


Maybe that’s part of how she became conservative.

If anyone on this thread notices, Connecticut is in the northeast, and predominantly liberal.

And there is a lot of racist attitudes and actions against others there. There was a university student whose roommate referred to her as “Jamaican Barbie”, and posted on social media how she (let’s just say contaminated the girl’s tooth brush to make her sick as the actual deed is nauseating).

There’s good ol’ Carl Higby, exposed on social media slurring black people, Muslims, gays and lesbians. Higbh, a cabinet official under Trump, resigned. The kicker? Highby is originally from Greenwich, Connecticut.

Maybe she’s realizing not only the economy is at stake, but not everyone in liberal bastions is so open and tolerant to those different than themselves.


Have you seen her debate Blaire White? Cheery is not something i would call candace.


Conservatives need people like Candace Owens to be their token voice and people like her know they can cash in, quite handsomely, if they play that role… and it won’t be for long. Let’s be real here. We’ve seen a number of people like her come and go. Their words and opinions aren’t valued, just the fact that it’s coming from a black person. Any black person.



She’ll fit right in with Tomi.


This again? If you want to believe that the republicans of 1865 are the republicans of 2018, you go for it dude.


Milo strongly disagrees.


It was so weird seeing trump’s reddit froth at the mouth over Kanye


Im sure Steve Bannon would have so gotten along with lincoln… not even in the twilight zone…