Candace Owens Black Conservative and Trump supporter


Where did MediaMatters come into this?

David Duke is a well known white supremacist. He supported Donald Trump. I’m sure Republicans dislike him and don’t support Duke in any way. But which party does Duke feel more kinship with?


Where does Media Matters troll factory come from?

HP Lovecraft’s evil underground monsters?

Candace Owens: “It kind of like a psychosis.”


Points for the HPL reference.

We are talking about how the Republican Party doesn’t support white supremacy but white supremacists seem to vote Republican regardless.


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That’s what YOU are talking about. You know it’s absurd but you don’t care.

Aryan Brotherhood is a prison gang. David Duke is a kook. Using this topic to twist reality is trolling.


who do white supremacist vote for? Republicans or Democrats.


Pretty funny since democrats today are more inline with the policies promoted by both Stalinist Russia and Nazi Germany.


Really which current Democrat policy are similar to Nazi Germany.


No, that’s where you are attempting to take the conversation.


Nationalized healthcare, gov’t funded retirement, guaranteed living wage, gov’t funded childcare, expansion of public transportation. and on and on.


those are not really Nazi policies they exist long before Nazi Germany.


Those are the policies promoted by both the Nazi’s and the Stalinist Communists.


Where was that? Atlantis?


Germany had Nationalized Healthcare in 1800’s.


Those policies exist in Germany and Russia before Hitler and Stalin where ever born,.


Ya mean when they had to bring wheelbarrows full of money to buy a loaf of bread. Yes that was a living wage and free health care.


Germany before WWI was one of the wealthiest countries in Europe.


And that was why Hitler was able to take over.


Yes Hitler was able to take over because Europe pillaged Germany after WWI.


You obviously haven’t seen many of her posts, have you?


LOL - A black woman? Why should I take anything a black woman says seriously?

I mean… 1) she’s black and 2) she’s a woman.

Get real dude.