Can Mass Shootings Be Stopped?

That was a step back for you.

Most of those producing the vast majority of our criminals are not paying taxes so what are you going to cut?

Troll someone else.

About 2% of Japanese kids are born to single mothers. It’s closer to 60% in the US.

Japanese culture is completely different from American culture.

Single mothers and their children have much the same problems single mothers and their children have in the US.

Further they are shunned and have very limited opportunities.

If the mother is single, what’re the chances they can be stay at home during the child’s formative years?

Unless they are on welfare or independently wealthy about zero.

Most of my formative years were spent on the working end of a hoe and feed bucket.

These are generalizations, so bear that in mind please.

It’s one of the main cultural differences I see between America and Japan - the former’s elevation of the individual and the latter’s elevation of the community. If a young American male has been taught since birth that he’s special, he’s unique, he’s deserving of things just for being him, it breeds anger and resentment when he’s denied them. Most of the time they don’t react violently, but it drives a few to murder. Elliot Rodger is the poster child for this mentality. The kid thought he was handsome, wealthy, well dressed and well connected - so why wasn’t he popular? Why wasn’t he getting sexual attention from females? To him it was an absolute injustice, and it drove him to seek revenge against those who “denied” him his birthright.

You’d be hard pressed to find an individual like that in Japan. They are taught since birth that the group is more important than the individuals who make it up. They don’t have the same sense of self-entitlement as Americans. This isn’t a better or worse mindset, IMO, just different. But I don’t see the same sense of outrage or sense of injustice against outside forces (government, the economy, etc) coming from the Japanese when things don’t go well in their personal lives. Relevant to the topic of mass shootings, Japanese males seem more inclined to simply withdraw from participating in society than to lash out violently against it when they don’t get what they want.

Nobody’s denying they have the same problems. We’re discussing the differences in the reactions to them.

I forgot about that. Maybe a refundable credit is better around $1000.

That 1000 would be a big deal to the dirt poor. Only the people who really want to have a kid would give that up. Those parents are the ones who would likely put in effort to raise their kids properly. It also negates whatever real or imagined incentive there is to have children just to collect benefits.

They are already getting far more than that.

When you include the free/subsidized homes, healthcare, child care etc a family of 3 on welfare is raking in, in excess of 40k per year.

We all have enough in common with them that we should be aware of it and uncomfortable about it.

I don’t see any mention of how they are treated.

There’s a lot of truth in this but what are you ignoring?

Instead of the Japanese promoting and elevating “cultural diversity” as an Ideal they go in the exact opposite direction.

Japanese culture is much like ant hill culture where everyone is expected to be uniform and work for the good of the common community with the importance of self being universally frowned upon.

And that’s very much not the experience of someone growing up in America, yes.

Well that’s totally baseless.

When was the last time an American slaughtered tens of millions of our own people.

Well that’s completely shortsighted when you look at it from the standpoint of nationalism and not basic human nature. In the right circumstances every human being is capable of great evil. I would think as a Protestant you’d agree.

Well, we killed a lot of Native Americans.

But surely they shouldn’t count.

Except he aims to make things much worse.

Does Planned Parenthood count?

The indians did their share of the killing too and they were brutal about it.

But young men can benefit from a tax credit, whereas welfare is mostly for women. If a guy knocks a girl up, he’s essentially paying money for her live-in boyfriend to live in the lap of welfare luxury–with no certainty that he will be that boyfriend

Also, it’s generally a pain to get benefits. A tax credit is automatic and essentially effort-free.