California- The Democrat Socialist State

If California gives so much back to America tax wise(and is so rich for America and Cali), and just in general, then why do they have so many other problems? Why wouldn’t they take care of their own?

Like all of the homelessness people living their, and all of the people there addicted to Illegal Drugs(of course unless they want people addicted to illegal drugs, because it’s a Liberal Democrat ran state)?

If they’re so rich, then why don’t they help the homelessness living there more?
Why don’t they help the people addicted to illegal drugs more living there?

It’s a lot nicer being homeless during the winter in Ca than in Minnesota. :grin:

No one want to be homeless im Alabama

I don’t think anyone really wants to be homeless.

Sleeping on the street sucks no matter where you’re at.

There’s no such thing as a utopia. I hope California solves its homeless problem. I saw a news special where some housing was being provided.
Also, drug addiction does not help your argument.

This has nothing to do with the homeless, he could care less. Just one of his liberal screeds.

Not the first time he’s posted this thread…or the last.

Why didn’t you just bump the thread you made 5 days ago on the same topic?

California pays more in taxes to the federal government than it gets back, most, if not all, blue states do.

Why do you hate homeless Americans? Many are mentally ill, many are veterans.

Why doesn’t the federal government take care of our own?

Why does California promise a great Socialist state of government, and then not produce it? Why does California not help homeless Americans, and why do the Democrat Politicians not help the Veterans as much as the promised, or any where near it?

Why do Democrats think that the government should take care of everyone, and overthrow the states individual rights?

California promised a great socialist state? Where do you get that from?

What are Republicans doing for our veterans?

Some problems are hard to fix, even with a lot of money.

If you’re a blue state, you still try to put a dent in the problem anyway.

If you’re a red state, just you take pride in how few humans want to live in your state–so you don’t have to deal with all the problems that come with them.

lmao! they have for quite some time now. Because Nancy Pelosi, and the Democrat
Politicians run it, just like Chicago, and New York.

But unlike your fellow Democrats on here, I do actually thank you for actually trying to come close to answering my OP question.

I see, you don’t have an answer. Thanks for playing.

Who promised this “great Socialist state of government “ here in California?

Kinda of defeats your whole argument by saying California is a socialist state then complaining that they dont take care of their homeless.

It’s all part of his thing to make outrageous statements to get posters to talk to him. That’s what it’s all about.


lmao!!! anyone that knows anything about politics would simply ask the Democrat Politicians the exact same question?

Democrat Politicians, you promised this great Socialist way of government within California, but never produced it. Why not?

That’s why your Democrat followers can justify your actions on why you failed so much
lmao!!! That’s why they stand up for you, because u failed in general. But why did you fail for your followers in general is my question?

Why don’t republicans (legislators) help the homeless?

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Speaking of drug addiction, why is the opioid problem at it’s worst in red states?

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Too many resources going to Mexico’s own, to El Salvador’s own, to Honduras’ own, to Guatemala’s own…