California- The Democrat Socialist State

Nope, not true.

So now you are calling me a liar?

You’re simply misinformed.

Here’s a different take. I’ll assume the source is acceptable.

If you studied the subject you would realize it is not a problem that can be simply be solved by throwing money at it. And you would realize that the problem was not only caused by Democrat policy. And you would also learn that Democrats, Republicans and Independents are working together on it at both the local, state and federal levels.

Nothing in that article refutes the fact that California pays more in taxes to the federal government than it gets back

You mean LEARN about it?

Bite your tongue!!

No, but it does it explain why.

I’m not so sure that’s the case anymore anyway. Somebody posted an article the other day that indicated it may have changed.

They are within one percent of collecting more than they pay.

So all you have is innuendo and falsehoods. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Mmmmm. Was it you that posted it?

I said they pay more than they collect. And they do.

What’s the trend?

The trend is that red states are mostly ■■■■ holes filled with low skill drug addicts and blue states pick up their tab…

Red states are the cousin Eddie of america…

Actually they are more like the actual randy quaid…

Thank you for your unsupported, yet unbiased opinion.

Whoa there, you might get accused of being elitist for saying such things.

(In yet another thread dunking on California or New York for having people.)

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Very slowly towards crossing that line.

Can’t do anything in California. They don’t have a voice in that state.

Republicans don’t have a voice in California.