Buttigieg claims victory

Buttigieg claims he’s ‘going to New Hampshire victorious’

It’s a scam. There are not enough results in for any candidate to claim this.
Pete is doing it to try to spike his overnight donations. If he doesn’t win he can blame the confusion, move on and forget it. If he’s right, he’ll say ‘I knew it. I told you so.’
He might be the smartest (or slimiest) one of the bunch.

The major candidates would have a very good result on what the provisional results are.

All the dems are claiming victory. The Iowa caucus has been relegated to a participation trophy like in T ball.


Not necessarily. It’s plausible that none of the candidates are sure of the actual results because the outfit tasked to tabulate votes ■■■■■■ up royally.

Royally/purposefully, potato/potatah. They’re trying to screw Bernie over…again.

Libs in power spell it…Burny. :sunglasses:

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I’m not really sure why they don’t just let him run. He could be their sacrificial candidate this term.

If you’re talking about Bernie, they probably don’t think he can win the general election and they think someone like Biden might win.

Biden is going downhill mentally…very quickly…and it’s happening right before all of our eyes…if…they’re open? :sunglasses:


Bernie bros are at home depot buying lumber for the gulags.

Biden, “did we win Illinois?”


Sanders has released polling numbers saying Biden ran a distant 4th at 12.4 %.
If that’s true, he’s toast.




No he’s not. The results are looking like they’re going to be extremely close to what was predicted. Biden was expected to do poorly in Iowa

Now that’s funny. Do you think he believes there’s 57 states?

Yes it is indeed funny seeing how that was talked about ad nauseam and is still brought up years later.

So will this my friend.

Sometimes Trump feels like there are 57 states.

Other times only 30.


Of course.