Buttigieg claims victory

The Kansas City Chiefs are located in Kansas City, Missouri.

My thoughts exactly.

Flyover Country! :grin:

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Trump’s original tweet, which he deleted, congratulated the people of the great state of Kansas.

@sikofit posted the corrected tweet.

Fortunately the Internet is forever.

Thanks for the assist. I didn’t realize he was petty enough to try and hide it with a nearly identical tweet

And the current President of The United States didn’t know that

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Petty enough?

This is President Trump we are taking about here

There isn’t a bottom to the pettiness.

He has trouble forming a coherent sentence. Clearly something is off.

Yes, they’re trying to deny his victory.

If I was Bernie bro I would be really upset…they need to take it to the streets.

This tweet makes it even funnier yet. Somebody told him…uh…mr. prez…you just screwed up. :sunglasses:

Yes this is a new Dem Deep State plot.

Let’s all ignore the far simpler explanation of a stupid antiquated system and a poorly designed app.

It’s all about denying Bernie.


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I believe they know they can’t win presidential election, this is all about the senate. Who can they nominate that gives them the best opportunity to retake the senate.

If Bernie is it…business aren’t going to donate to senate races out of fear they need the senate to stop Bernie from implementing his social/commie programs.

Building guillotines. :wink:

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I get it. Trying to convince Bernie bros that it’s all just a mix up. :wink:

Based on what?

What’s t ball?

I get it that conspiracies are the fuel on which many Trump supporters feed.

I understand the the need to convince Bernie bros that it’s just a mix up.

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Just a computer glitch they say. :crazy_face:

How come republicans never have that problem?