Sanders says he won

Bernie Sander’s campaign has released it’s own internal polling numbers which claim that Sanders won the Iowa Caucuses.

The Sanders campaign reports it received 29.7 percent of the vote, closely followed by former South Bend Mayor Pete Buttigieg at 24.6 percent. Sen. Elizabeth Warren came in at 21.2 percent, and former Vice President Joe Biden in fourth at 12.4 percent. Sanders put those numbers out shortly after Buttigieg finished his own, seemingly triumphant speech in Iowa. The party [said] it would release official results Tuesday.

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Does not seem to be much democracy in the democratic party these days…

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They don’t seem to trust their voters to make the “right” choice either.

We know they don’t trust us to make the “right” choice which is why the want Trump off of the ballot.

Must be really embarrassing to be a democrat these days… Years of believing lies about the Trump’s election. Just to see the dems start election meddling in the first vote of 2020

How do you mess up counting 100 people in a room or so.

yes… The DNC should stop pretending and just name the dem candidate…

Exactly. If they thought they could get by with it they would.

They want to let their voters think they are choosing.

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The Bernie campaign released numbers showing he was in the lead with 40% of the precincts counted to counter Pete saying he won Iowa. And that gets turned into Bernie said he won and the dnc is rigging Iowa and the entire primary.

Elections are cool.

And come up with their excuse why that person will lose to Trump.

Should they stick to tweets by Russians again, or pick some other country?

No it doesn’t. How dare people question their superiority. Those social authoritarians know what’s good for them.

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Yes they do. Just ask them and they will tell you.

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Trump supporters questioning a system where a candidate gets the most votes and still loses?