Brexit: The Elites of Europe are Overthrowing the Will of the People


Michel Barnier made this pronouncement in 2016, which is certainly coming true:
"I would have succeeded in my task if, in the end, the deal is so hard on the British that they’ll prefer staying in the EU.”

Here is the original French:

The EU has every incentive to make life as hard as possible on the Brits if they actually leave as planned. Any real compromise is virtually impossible under EU rules that require the unanimous consent of all remaining member states. In addition, real compromise would increase the risk that other countries would follow the UK’s example and the EU would disintegrate. The fact that the EU may suffer as a result of a no-deal Brexit is not a major consideration in this equation.

As far as popular unrest in the EU, there is no practical way to change the basic structure of the union. The only real option is something like, "beatings will continue until moral improves . . . "


I have a friend in the uk.

He and his wife have a villa in Spain where they were going to retire to when the time comes. Brexit has definitely thrown the old monkey wrench in their plans.

Lots of uncertainty.



Correct. I voted for one James Carter in 1976.

Made a mistake.

People make mistakes all the time.

Can they learn from those mistakes?

I have not regretted any vote since.



how are those trade deal working out for the UK, oh wait they yet to sign a single one.


I think the Brits would say “it puts a spanner in the works.”

Brits may have to apply for a visa similar to the process for Americans. I have American friends with a place in Spain and they have to leave after 90 days or else they need to get a visa to allow them to stay longer. Spain seems to saying that they would allow them to stay without any big deal:


It totally ■■■■ northern Ireland…


I have faith that Britain can survive in or out of the EU. On the other hand I am not so sure if the EU will survive though considering the last Italian election and the rise of populism which has been growing with no signs of stopping since the migrant crisis. Interesting times. The popular politicians in Europe are the ones that are pretty much Euro Skeptics or at least act like they are in order to get voted in.


Actually the bigger promise that attracted people was that the NHS would suddenly be flush with all this cash saved from no longer being in the EU…a promise that Nigel Farage disavowed the very day after the vote.


A hard Brexit would mean they would have to trade with WTO rules. Basically like everyone else outside the EU, they could make their own trade rules. From what I understand a soft Brexit would be similiar to what Norway has. I’m sure some native Brit’s that post here will describe it better.

You would think the wording on the referendum was easy enough to understand. “Should the United Kingdom remain a member of the European Union or leave the European Union?”

I pretty much agree with everything you just posted though about the EU.