Brexit: The Elites of Europe are Overthrowing the Will of the People


Just as here in the US, the same POWER MAD type elites are going to block Brexit & overthrow the will of the people. The serfs will do as they are told!

But that’s ok right? As long as you get freebies from the government huh?


You’re obviously getting your Brexit news from talk radio, i.e., you’re not getting any news at all.


Brexit voters didn’t vote for a hard Brexit. Nor did they vote for May’s compromise deal.

They voted for something that was always an impossibility.

And it was a non-binding referendum, just fyi.


Your last sentence makes absoutely no sense at all in the context of Brexit.

Its almost as if you just plucked a talking point out of the air for no apparent reason except you think it sounds good.

Please explain what you mean by your last sentence.


The yellow vests are protesting the elitist governments all over Europe and Macron…is in trouble. If those in Great Britian are choosing to attempt the same, IMO…the same will happen to them.


Mob rule!


The majority voted and the elitist mob is NOT doing what they were elected to do.


The majority voted for Clinton. Who cares about majorities? That’s how you get mob rule.


LMAO, the three most vocal proponents of Brexit are the very definition of elitism and the establishment.

The ignorance around Brexit is astounding, please educate yourself on topic before you spout off cliched talking points.

I voted to leave and how I regret that now.


Been home a week on business and currently sitting at London Heathrow waiting for my flight and i dont see the “Yellow jackets” or a bow wave of that type swelling up to be honest. seems to me people now just want it over with one way or another maybe its just the British cool headed way


Once again, two UK citizens are posting in this thread, yet the Americans who don’t live there are talking over them and ignoring them.

Do you people NEVER have a moment’s shame in belieiving you know more than the people that actually live there?

I mean…seriously…do you NEVER experience a moment’s shame broadcasting your ignorance for all to see?


Labeling the majority who voted for Clinton a “mob” is something we agree on.


So true. Having lived in the US since 2004 I can tell you that are colonial cousins are far more hysterical and prone to drama queening pretty much everything.


Making decisions that you later regret, gives credence to your inability to look ahead and make good decisions. Thanks for the honesty.




Did Russia interfere in the Brexit vote? It would seem that breaking up the EU would work in their favor.


Having lived in TX for 17 years I can agree with that


@Smyrna i totally agree look at the latest polls for the POTUS


E[quote=“Smyrna, post:14, topic:117301, full:true”]

Making decisions that you later regret, gives credence to your inability to look ahead and make good decisions. Thanks for the honesty.

Oh please get off your high horse. If you are telling me you have never made a decision you later regretted then i find that hard to beleive.

How about you addressing my point that you spouted off about the elites yet the most ardent and vocal supporters of brexit who are in positions of power and influence are the epitomy of Elitiism.

Admit it, you know ■■■■ all about Brexit and like the OP spout off cliches that appear regularly in posts by so called conservatives.


LOL i know.