Brexit: The Elites of Europe are Overthrowing the Will of the People


Steve King & Faith Goldy agree with this post.


The government tried to negotiate a good deal with EU, but the EU shafted them and gave them a ■■■■■■ deal and now EU is refuse to have further talk forcing the government to either take the ■■■■■■ deal or hard exit.


Every election in the world can be overturned saying that the other side lied and therefore the election is not valid.
If one side lied, it was the job of the other side to say so and prove it during the election, not afterward.

There is a lot of wanting to throw out valid elections going on recently by the elite.


Faith is so bad the Canadian Breibart fired her.


You really have no concept of what is happening with Brexit of UK politics at all.


They promised no hard exit, it was their main campaign promise during the vote its the only reason they won.


a hard exit would completely ■■■■ the UK economy.


That’s the other thing. Not only were British citizens lied to but it wasn’t a valid election.


I presume that the other side stated that the Brexit people who said there would not be a hard exit could not predict the future and that there might very well be a hard exit, no? If not, then that is too bad. They should have had smarter people working for them.
If the vote was not made conditional on the type of exit, then that is still how people voted.


Somebody met with some Russians and that invalidates an election? It sounds like the elites in Britain are taking their cues from what the elites in the US have been playing.
If the Russians have managed to control the elections in the US and in Europe with their lack of resources, then they are so smart in relation to us that we are in real trouble.
No, its a gimmick.


first of it wasn’t an election, it was a referendum.


well hard exit will happen it will tank the UK economy and force a snap election Labour will win and re-enter the EU.


Or given the importance they could have a second vote on a referendum that is more clear


Lack of resources…um…what?


No one’s asking the election be overturned, just a second election be held. Now that all the truth of a Brexit is known.


Spent nearly 16 years in WESTPAC and don’t know much about European politics.
I’ll just keep my mouth shut.


Here is the run down UK-EU had a negotiations agreed to a very bad deal for the UK, which Tory can’t get passed Parliament. EU is refusing to re-enter negotiation for a new deal and setting a date for a hard exit which has already caused billion in UK tax revenue to be lost (companies are leaving because they want to stay in the EU market).

so Tories are facing a snap election (They won confidence in the house this week by 10 votes)


There is likely to be a new referendum over the hard exit as the Tories slowly fall apart.


Tories promised that it would be easily to work out new trade deal before hard exit but UK has yet to sign a new agreement. which is making a lot of companies jump ship and leave the UK because the EU has over 40 international agreement outside of the EU.


What a ■■■■■■ response. Recognizing your own error gives credence to humility and wisdom. Hanging on to your decision despite the outcome gives credence to idiotic pride.