Brexit: The Elites of Europe are Overthrowing the Will of the People


We also agree that sometimes you care about what the mob wants and sometimes you don’t.



Why is someone not allowed to have an opinion? The two users you refer to comment often on American politics, I don’t recall them being told there not allowed to have a view because their Brits.

Also I would hesitate saying that two peoples opinions represent the countries views as a whole.


I think what Jay was saying is that they seem to ignore that some posters may just know a little bit more about a topic.

In my experience here most posters know jack ■■■■ about what goes on in other countries. But youe right everyone is allowed to comment and have an opinion , just dont be surprised when that opinion or comment is ripped apart.


I didn’t say they weren’t allowed to have an opinion.

I said they were ignoring the people who live in the UK who have more than patiently explained, many times, why these opinions are not based on anything even remotely factual.


People didn’t vote for a hard exit.


Just like with Trump, Brexit voters voted for a lie, and they’re starting to realize it now.


Deep thoughts from a Trump voter who apparently has never made a bad decision in his life. Hilarious.


Yes, Farage and UKIP had some Russia connections. They’ve been trying to break up the EU for decades by supporting fringe political movements/individuals.

Take a look at Front Nationale or any European recession movement and you will find Russian money and backing.


Brexit are the elitist.


Yes, I bet it’s a yellow jacket spring in Europe…


The left thinks the further away a govt is, and the lest you know about it’s operation, the better the better the govt

They also think people they don’t know are smarter than people they do know…


You do know the yellow jacket crowd are leftist socialist group right?


Some are, some aren’t… It’s about frustration…


What are you even talking about?


no its about a living wage and taxing the rich mostly.


Hopefully not. The yellow vested protesters have killed enough people.


Leave it to the elites, where power belongs.


Considering the poster is a self described white nationalist who thinks the 14 words a ok I’d put as much stock in his opinion as I would in what I have to scoop up after my dogs in the park.


Brexit are the elite and they lied to the British population and promised there wouldn’t be a hard exit.


Why not? That’s how our founders intended it and it’s worked out pretty well.