BREAKING: Texas High School in Lockdown After Reports of ‘ACTIVE SHOOTER’


These are throwaway comments that don’t really say anything.


What difference would that have made?


Shotgun and a Pistol are now “Assault Weapons” so you are now adding those 2 items to the "Assault Weapons Ban you liberals want?


No supreme being in the church of Jenny Craig then?



“America’s gun homicide rate is more than 25 times the average of other high-income countries.”



Wasn’t there another attempt at a shooting that was thwarted earlier this week or late last? It’s starting to happen so often I cant keep up.


dude, i could start 50 threads EVERY SINGLE DAY in the 2nd Amendment forum (of crazy gun stuff that happens). every single friggin day.

we ignore 99% of it.


I was really talking school related only but yeah you could.


Kid brings a watch in a suitcase to school, no one dies, the usual suspects on this board lose their mind, call him a Muslim and say he deserved to be suspended.

White kid comes to school with daddy’s guns and bombs, same group doesnt even bat an eye, just immediately launch into Hogg this, MSM and fake news that. SmH


i always watch for them to get aggressive. they are doing so closer and closer to the actual mass shootings now.


you libs should just drop the gun nonsense and focus on the shooter.


This is really stupid. It would be just as stupid as if I claimed Democrats don’t care if illegal immigrants rape and murder people, because they support open borders.


Never happens. They focus on the NRA and Republicans, not the actual killers.


You may not want it to be true, but it is. The defeatism of the right on guns is calculated and craven while your Democrat example is false because the Democrats don’t support open borders, that’s a false policy ascribed by right-wing propagandists to fuel racial divisions.



10 char


If the GOP puts forth a comprehensive mental health reform bill that increases coverage, the democrats would support it. I wonder if they will?


Just like saying Republicans don’t care about children getting killed. That is a policy ascribed to left wing propagandists.


Only if you don’t understand the ■■■■■■■ english language.


You do know that the Dems can propose legislation too, right?

Or are they too busy chasing Russians and porn stars?


if only someone had convinced everyone that ar’s ( whatever that means) were bad