BREAKING: Texas High School in Lockdown After Reports of ‘ACTIVE SHOOTER’


I’m sure it would get a lot of support from Republicans.


They may care a little. Just not enough to do anything about it.


Question for any liberal. Do you really believe if we had much stricter gun laws, which would take them out of the hands of law abiding citizens, that bad people wouldn’t keep using them to kill others?

Do you realize that by calling the NRA and Republicans heartless people who don’t care about children getting killed that you are also smearing good and honest citizens who lawfully own guns?


Actually rhere was a bipartisan gun bill passed in Congress after the Parkland shootings. I think it was called Stop School Violence Act. It was sponsored by Marco Rubio (and probably several others) and passed overwhelmingly by both the House and Senate.

Taking guns away from law abiding people won’t stop criminals and the mentally ill from using them.


Not looking good? What a dumb thing to say.


Not now. We’re too far gone and everyone alive has grown up in our gun culture. If you took most guns away and waited 150 years we could potentially get our homicide rates down to other civilized countries.

But we both know that ain’t happened. So just accept our gun murders/injuries.


I know lets turn schools into full blown secure, locked down places, with one entrance and metal detectors in every school. Every student should have clear plastic backpacks and lets give every teacher a gun and gun training. Lets follow that up with mandatory psych screenings for every kid that displays erratic behavior. Brilliant!

Now all we need is funding…:thinking:

Or something!


man, i know guys just like that. know like the back of my hand. been describing them for decades.




Sure there is. He was talking about M13 members only. That doesn’t require hie call every other murderer an animal.


I wonder how many white people Trump has called animals?

Btw this is a very easy argument for you because MS13 are undeniably terrible.


I wonder how many people have called Trump an animal?

Poor CNN. :rofl:


And you have just justified Trump calling M13 member animals.


While noting that he saves dehumanizing language for the non white and “good people” for whites.


I’ll give CNN credit for saying he was taken out of context. Didn’t expect that.


After the AP did it, some of the other followed suit. Guess they didn’t want to look bad.


If he refers to the person who shot those school students as good people, you will have a point rather than an aimless rant.


It had already been well noticed. To try to defend that fake news would have been self destructive and noticing what everyone had already noticed cost nothing and gave CNN a pretense of impartiality. Zero credit given.


We are animals. All of us. As Mark Twain observed over a hundred years ago, 'Of all the animals, man is the only one that is cruel. He is the only one that inflicts pain for the pleasure of doing it.'


Did I read correctly that a good guy with a gun came to stop him and people were upset?!