BREAKING: Texas High School in Lockdown After Reports of ‘ACTIVE SHOOTER’


If that’s all your magnifying glass can find to bitch about, that proves how well Trump’s doing.


I’m sad for the 10 families who had their lives changed forever today.


It’s not bitching to expect empathy from a president. Some of us still have standards of human decency. Please don’t bring us all down to your and Trump’s level. People died today.


Are you advocating getting the government involved?

  1. Government got involved in abortions and now we have millions of lives being slaughtered.

  2. Government got involved in legalizing marijuana–threw up their hands in what’s the use–and now we have more accidents, mental health issues, and even deaths.

  3. Government through up their hands about teen pregnancy and started handing out birth control, not to mention making abortions accessible to teens without parental permission…resulting in more deaths.

  4. Where are all the people yelling to confiscate alcohol so that there are fewer deaths and injuries?

  5. Where are all the people yelling to outlaw abortion so that there are fewer deaths?

  6. Where are all the people yelling to fight the government on marijuana to prevent injuries, mental health issues and death?

It seems to me that the only deaths society is able to take note of and protest are school shootings. Our teens are growing up in a society of death and we pretend to be shocked and surprised when they themselves decide to participate in what we and our government have created?

We were helpless when abortion became the law of the land. We were helpless when it was decided the government would supply our teens with birth control. We are helpless in preventing government in rolling out even more drug into the population. Give up your alcohol, give up your drugs, give up your abortions, give up your purely recreational sex…and see if there is a difference. If there is not, confiscating guns won’t fix anything either.


Sure he is. There is no evidence of god outside of the faith you have that he exists. That’s why people say, “it was gods plan.” When tragedy strikes, people want to believe there was a reason for it. In the absence of a reason they turn to god. It’s a coping mechanism to explain the unexplainable.


Prayer without faith is dead.

The act of faith in this case would be to arm people in the schools. Until that’s done, gun free schools are shooting grounds.

In a gun fight, an unarmed person is a target.


I wouldn’t trust the gun advocates on this board to tie their shoelaces around children, much less carry a gun in school.


People died today and you’re concentrating on a tweet.
You need a rest.


You are posting several things t he government got less involved in. You are talking out of both sides of your mouth.


Considering that Republicans view these kids as acceptable losses, it’s about all I can focus on until you accomplices are voted out, no?


Thank you for your service, kids. But at least the GOP has a life-saving bundle of hopes and prayers on the way!


Excellent example of how fake news gets used and spread even after refuted. thanks.


He called detained illegal immigrants “animals”, and didn’t say anything about the domestic terrorist tgat just murdered 9 scholl children…nothing fake about that.


I predict this will happen; another Hogg-like kid will rise from this tradegy and most trump supporters will call him/her names.


Actually, no. Government is inept, primarily because it chases votes and power instead of what is best. It pretends to lead when almost everyone can see that in reality it is chasing the lemmings, trying to keep up.


Actually yes.
The rest of that has nothing to do with your list.


Have you considered that prayers should have been centered all around these students from the moment they entered school?


From the domestic terrorist’s tweet account.


Correction, FB account.


Since to actually be a member rather than a hanger on they apparently have to have committed murder there’s not much difference. Given that no one is whoring themselves out to defend school shooters whereas they are the brutes of MS-13 on a practical level their effect on society is worse.