Breaking: Manafort reaches 'tentative' plea deal with Mueller


Well… there is the one guy in the room at the Trump tower meeting who is now compelled to say what actually happened.

Could be interesting.

Correction… it will be interesting.


These charges are totally unrelated to the President Trumps campaign, just like the other trial was but there are those who just can’t or wont accept that fact. It’s truly a derangement syndrom! :roll_eyes:



10 char


as many posters kept saying. it just takes time.

this won’t be the last guilty plea.


correct. some are…

  • conspiracy against the United States
  • conspiracy to obstruct justice

now, be happy that a law breaker is being held accountable.


If it’s accurate that Manafort’s jail time is capped at 10 years, that has to be considered a positive outcome given the number and severity of the charges.


i want people here to say that kind of thing about common law breakers. like dead beat dads.


For sure. trumps campaign manager is totally unrelated


He just got the coffee.


Why does Trump hire so many criminals? I was told he had the best brain. I was told he only hires the best people… I need answers


10 years and he forfeits around d 25 mil.


Ya I’m pretty certain that Mueller would be honing in on the Trump Tower meeting that Manafort went to- as well as the changing of the GOP language militarily supporting Ukraine.

It’ll be interesting to know what the quid pro quo for the plea deal is.

Stay Strong Manafort! Don’t rat out your mob boss like his lawyer did. Pardon on the way!


The 20-sided die in your magic 8 ball has the same answer on each side.


So there’s this…


And he’s cooperating with Justice.


And there’s this …


Oh trump you poor thing


All of the plea deals of these henchmen are just padding for the obstruction of justice case that Trump copped to for Lester Holt.

Everything is else is just gravy. Maybe a lot of gravy, but we’ve seen all we needed to see.


Fat donald’s tweets are going to be epic.


Let the rage tweeting begin. Manafort has flipped.