Breaking: Manafort reaches 'tentative' plea deal with Mueller


Just heard on CNN that prosecutors have dropped 10 remaining charges for cooperation…if I heard it right


it’s the main reason why the Mueller special counsel investigation was created.


Now observe as the trumpster spin from “there’s nothing to cooperate” and “free Pauline”, to “he’s a rat”.


Big big victory for Bob Mueller today.


Trump: Anomynous sources have told me that Bob Mueller and his band of rogue democrats just made a bad deal with Paul Manafort- a plea deal in exchange for nothing important because there was NO COLLUSION!


No Manafort plead guilty to all charges. He’ll be getting a reduced sentence in exchange for his cooperation.


I’m on my phone, they say anything about the money yet? I could do 10 years to keep 50 million for my fam. What’s he forfeiting over?



Checking fat donald’s tweets, so far, nothing.


SHS just tweeted that this has nothing to do with Trump. :laughing:


Who’s SHS?


The campaign manager was a coffee boy!


Not to mention the forfeiture actually pays for the entire investigation.


Press secretary


Sarah Huckabee Sanders



10 char


Sarah Huckleberry Spin. :slight_smile:


I bet he gets 14 days…


What would you like to bet?


Doesn’t matter what he gets, it matters what Mueller is getting.