Breaking: Manafort reaches 'tentative' plea deal with Mueller


Mueller getting another guilty plea. How many so far?


Is he going to rat or not? That is the question.


Witch hunt. None of these people are guilty of anything.


Will fat donald pardon this clown? Stay tuned folks.


More paper work crimes… And Martha Stewart stuff… 14 days…lol!


The question is did he agree to cooperate. I have to assume he did, otherwise why plea this thing out when the prosecution has a seemingly strong case.


Good question.

Door number one: Plead guilty, but don’t cooperate

Manafort could potentially pursue a plea deal that allows him to admit to some charges, but without an agreement to cooperate. That option, crucially, would leave the door open to a presidential pardon.

He would also get some time knocked off his sentence if he chose this option. Federal sentencing guidelines state that defendants get one point off their sentencing calculation — which results in a reduced sentence — if they plead guilty in time to save the government the effort of preparing for a case and trying it.

The problem in Manafort’s case, however, is that the trial will begin in a few days. Jury selection is set to start on Monday, and opening arguments are scheduled for September 24. That means prosecutors have already spent all the time and money they were going to in order to prepare for the case.


There is nothing to cooperate over…


Door number 2: ‘Eat the indictment’

If Manafort chooses to go to trial, he could take one of two paths. The first would involve him pleading guilty to all the charges against him as soon as the trial begins, a tactic known as “eating the indictment.”

In that case, Manafort would “throw himself to the mercy of the court,” said Jeffrey Cramer, a longtime former federal prosecutor in Chicago. “Then, prosecutors can argue all they want for Manafort’s sentence, but it’s ultimately up to the judge to weigh two opposing views on what that sentence should be.”

If Manafort chose that route, it would send a clear message to the White House that he was still in Trump’s corner. The judge overseeing the case would also likely show him some leniency because he would have admitted his guilt.


Door number three: Tough it out and go to trial. (Obviously this ain’t happening)


Not even a new story…


I just can’t imagine the prosecution giving him a deal just to avoid a trial.


If Manafort had decided to pursue a plea deal as recently as last month, immediately after he was convicted in the first trial, experts say he would have had a realistic shot at securing a deal without having to cooperate. Now, they say it’s too late.


I imagine Trump’s next tweet about Manafort won’t be as glowing as the last.


The prosecution has a slam-dunk case of money laundering against manafort any plea deal that they agree to you bet he’s got to be giving up something big for him to get it


Now I could be wrong and I might end up owing somebody a pizza if I am. But I predict that trumper’s will lose their already fragile grip on reality when this is all over cuz they’re going to be shook


I hope he gets a month, the crooked bastard.


Why? He didn’t cooperate, nor was he remorseful of his crimes


We should start a pool on the sentence. A number of posters seem to want to predict.


He is already convicted facing 10 years… at this point he’s just trying to salvage the rest of his life as he heads into his next trial…the crooked bastard