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That Li’l Ol’ Band from Texas. Rock on my Friends


I’m something of a true crime buff. Found the YouTube channel Unsolved No More.

This one got my attention as I had moved from Phoenix a month before the actor was murdered:

Definitely I believe he was involved with someone and something he shouldn’t have been. However,

He wasn’t molesting children, and

AFAIK No women have come forward to say they were drugged, tricked or forced into a sexual relationship with him.

He shouldn’t have had his head bashed in, but probably the doer is deceased. My bet is creepy soon to be ex “bestie”.

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Almost there. Almost. But I am so burned out- not because I don’t like the material, but because just stress in general. Due dates won’t stop (at least until 2 weeks from now). People being ugly, especially in the healthcare field- peope taking their stress out on other people yet they are given more empathy. People who’ve I trusted just assuming that I’m psychotic even though everything about that has stopped for me. It’s just a matter of depression and anxiety. I’m coping, but am so ready for a break.

If you’re just going to use something that someone confides in you about later on against them, just don’t breach the subject in the first place. If you don’t want to truly help, then don’t help. Better than betraying someone.

I have been driving to Pets Mart occasionally to see the cats and smile a bit (I like to walk by the salon there too, and see the dogs getting a spa day :slight_smile: ). One kitty was balding a little and so skinny. I wonder if he w was a rescue.


Dogs and cats are the best! I hope at some point, if it isn’t possible now, you can adopt one.

Re people being ugly in the medical field, I got a big laugh at a Broomhilda nurse’s expense recently. Over the summer, even though I was masked & fully vaxed, I got thrown out of an urgent care clinic with a group that was there.

Nasty wench nurse, when we were waiting in line to check in, spoke to us in a tone as if we were five year olds congregating on a playground. “You can’t all be here because of the COVID.”

An elderly gentleman put her in her place. “My wife is here with me to help because of my visual impairment, which these masks aren’t helping, and you do not have to be so rude!”

Sir, you rock!

So as I’m being ejected, I ask could I at least adk about the infusion therapy that’s on their sign, explaining my condition and wondering could I get the infusion to hydrate & stop the pain there instead of the E R.

Broomhilda chides me like a kid again—the referred to condition is migraine, saying their infusion therapy is “for patients with chronic conditions and has nothing to do with hydration or intermittently flaring conditions”—never mind that migraine is considered a chronic health problem. Gave that UCC a nasty Yelp.

So I look at my FB page, which I visit less but haven’t abandoned. A newer preventive for migraine is found—in the form of INFUSION :laughing::joy::rofl:!

Phoned my insurance to see was I covered, and they sent qualifiers via email. I don’t have the timeline, but maybe the records are digital & they can get them for how long I was on anticonvulsants.

One not only didn’t work, but perhaps is one cause of the unilateral double vision. I can produce my latest eyeglass Rx. Another worked for a time, but put 10 lbs on me & eventually failed.

Gonna call insurance and speak with a nurse and see can they make a recommendation. Aetna in west Texas rocks!


Now this is a great potato story.

Colin Craig-Browns holds a large potato dug from his garden at his home near Hamilton, New Zealand Monday, Aug. 30, 2021. The New Zealand couple dug up a potato the size of a small dog in their backyard and have applied for recognition from Guinness World Records. They say it weighed in at 7.9 kilograms (17 pounds), well above the current record of just under 5 kg. They’ve named the potato Doug, because they dug it up. (Donna Craig-Brown via AP)

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Catching the next flight to New Zealand right now to adopt Doug!:yum:


Having a Google review account is somehow so cthartic. I guess since I can finally voice my opinion about certain places.

I was doing my research to try to find the answers to my Virology take-home exam, and I found questions 15-18 of the exam questions published on Chegg asking for expert answers. I clicked off of that rather quickly, because I want to preserve my academic integrity.

Seriously? After what the professor has been through, with trying to renew the accreditation of the department as department chair (he’s walking in the dark with this), and problems in his personal life that I’m not going to talk about here out of respect for him, and then the class complains about the difficulty of the test, and now, they want to get all the answers off of Chegg?! What the heck man.

Man these sophomores are a hoot.

ETA: This test is open-book; but we can’t collaborate and utilize people as resources.

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I guess if you’re in a clique, whether it be in the office, or in school, or wherever, you can have the political environment wrapped around your finger and you can do whatever you want. That’s what the presidency is proving right now.

The instructions at the tope clearly state, "This is a take-home exam. You may use any material that you would like in the preparation of your answers, including lectures, notes, prior homework, textbooks, publications, YouTube, reputable subreddits, etc. You may NOT copy/paste any material that are not your own answers; this would be considered plagiarism and will result in 0 points for the entire exam.

You may NOT communicate with anyone (inside or outside of class) about this exam. All your answers have to be YOUR answers. No collaborations allowed. Use COMPLETE sentences."

I’ve grown up a lot and learned so much slice of life skills this semester. I’ve sent an email to the professor giving a heads up, but I’m not going to try to solve this. Perhaps he can be aware of it next semester and just request that test questions not be posted on Chegg.

Ultimately, it’s none of my business. I have to maintain my own academic integrity, let them screw themselves. They’ll have less recall of the information, they’ll have less research skills, so they are doing themselves a disservice. Karma is going to get them one day.

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“Man these sophomores are a hoot.”

It’s getting scary the number of pre med students who lack scientific knowledge, or just don’t want to apply themselves.

A friend’s wife assists a physical therapy graduate school program, and she has to get tough with these students.

No, just because you grew up in privilege does not mean you’ll be accepted into your first internship. You have to keep applying until you get a yes.

“Wah :sob:I don’t wanna do an inpatient PT internship.”” Inpatient PT, with most PT outpatient, is generally more severe injuries, I would think brain and spinal cord. One inpatient internship is required in that program.

Privileged snots want internships to be bankers’ hours, Monday to Friday only, no early evenings for those souls who work days & can only make it from 1800-1900, no Saturdays…:exploding_head:

I don’t get it. Why choose pre med if the scientific knowledge isn’t there, or the willingness to put in the work?

One nursing student actually asked me why I don’t wear contacts. I have too little natural tears for that.

“Really? Even for J & J Acavue disposables?”

:exploding_head:Two optometrists said no, and it’s a water based lens. Water attracting water is a high school chemistry concept. That school offered courses like Cultural Nursing and made sure their interns wore scrubs in the school’s colors, though.

There are some committed students who will make good professionals, but the lack if knowledge and/or willingness to apply themselves is getting scary with some others.

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