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Let’s bring back the chatbox in the form of a zinger thread. I do like the Twitter concept. State your opinion, ideas, or just random thoughts. The sky is the limit… Peace Bos’un

Just another day in the life. Bag-Daddy’s tunnel run… Trump wins and Dims lose.

Astros winning much to the chagrin for the noise makers in DC. Let’s go Astros.

If this gets to stay in Politics then I hope the Mods will restore my What News Media Do You Consume thread here, as its more relevant.


They can move it. I would if given another chance. I will ask the mods to move it to another area. Thanks Bro.

Am I the only one not watching the game?

I have an audio feed going on youtube. Top of the 9th. Another home run by the Astros. Game 6 in Houston on Tuesday. :wink:

I hope Trump will attend and throw out the first pitch. He was a little busy at the onset of the series.

He should since the Astros will be taking home the win on Tuesday. Better location too. lol

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I sent Snow96 a message to move my chatbox thread to another area. Don’t want to offend the liberals

Much better location than the leaking siv… DC

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Melting snowflakes: ‘No Safe Spaces’ makes massive box office haul, set for wide release

Going on a missions trip with my school to LA over Spring Break to tend to the homeless on Skid Row. Excited, but a bit scared.

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Thank you Flame.

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…the Dems have selectively leaked. Nor was there any corrupt intent on the part of the President. Remember, the President knew that that call was being heard and documented by many people. Anyone with intent would be a tad more discreet, don’t you think? This farce should… <

~ Donald Trump twitter feed