Border Patrol Outrage

but wait…there’s more!

good news right?


Claudia Galan, an attorney representing 18-year-old Francisco Galicia, said border patrol officers held onto his identity documents after his release and she’s not sure why. But he is relieved that the case is over, she said.

now how is he going to prove citizenship next time he gets detained?

Galan said that the confusion from CBP may stem from the fact that Sanjuana solicited a visitors visa for Francisco when he was a minor and falsely claimed that he was born in Mexico.

This incident came about due to a lie. If you’re outraged, maybe it should go both ways?

He didn’t lie, his mother did years ago… It’s amazing how hard it seems for many law and order types to express outrage over what is a clear violation of this young’s mans rights. Mistakes happen and I accept that they will happen but to defend THREE WEEKS in detention for something so easily proven should tick anyone off.

We should all expect better of civil servants…


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That was where my sympathy went away.

Not something that should be lied about.

This was their own mess.


…and hand them more health care responsibility…Medicare for all…All for Medicare.

Yinz are funny peoples.


How is your Medicare?

It is being held at a border detention facility because my Mom inexplicably lied about the country I was born in.

I am told it is being well cared for by my Medicare concierge.



Care to explain calling a person an “it”?


Medicare is an it.

You appear to be wound a little extra tight today. Re-read the last couple posts and embrace the law and those who enforce it every day…all the laws…Not just the ones we like.

Mi Amigo.


Good to hear that he is out. I hope his lawsuit goes well.

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Trump gave those jack wagons 100 miles?

It doesn’t say they thought it was fake anywhere in that article.

I agree. Nothing happens “the second” with Centgov.

Not by me. There is no national ID requirement in this country.

I can’t stand the sound of his voice. Or that damnable NYC accent.

Centgov don’t make phone calls. You have to prove you’re innocent.

Did I state that?

No, hence the question mark. So it was just a general Trump shriek. Got it.

Not a shriek seeing as he, his administration, has allowed the decision and power as to whether or not to do these “field searches” to go from a few people in DC to all of the field supervisor in the US.

Trump and his admin is also on record as claiming that CBP where handcuffed under prior administrations and he has allowed them to get rid of obstacles so they can do their “job”.

Responsibility falls on him during these past 3 years just as it did Obama during the the 8 years prior does it not?