Border Patrol Outrage

Trump supporters are strangely silent in this thread.


The border is more than just a line separating nations. It’s a mindset and an ideology.

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Not your president and head of executive who promised to let CBP do their job?

They were not quite as silent when this came up in this thread though

They thought it was fake. Given the policies of zero tolerance on border security, the border patrol agents are likely going to err on the side of caution.

If they think an ID is fake then dammit it’s fake.

How else would you expect human beings to act when placed in that situation?

Mom fudged his documents when he was young and stated he was born in Mexico. You lie you get stuck with the consequences…which in this case your kid ending up in custody.

Don’t lie…and everything works out.

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If only that was even remotely true.

Well if she hadn’t lied…they would not have him listed as being born in Mexico. So when he presented his real I.d. they thought it was fake, as his " real" documents said he was born in Mexico. So mom should not have lied and this would have been no issue.

He was a minor at the time.

Not his fault.

I can understand why there is confusion, but the second a birth certificate is presented a call is made to the correct authority to verify it and he gets released.

Not having access to a phone for three weeks is reprehensible


The fact that an American citizen was even put in the position of having to come up with papers is the problem. Having brown skin should not mean an automatic increase in harassment by law enforcement, but unfortunately it does.

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Not saying it was HIS fault. Mom lied.

While traveling within a state no less


In the other thread we were told that having a birth certificate or state ID is not good enough because those things can be faked.


I take it you didn’t listen to the press conference…

The person detained didn’t lie… He is eighteen years old and not a kid…

A simple phone call the Department of Vital Records for the state of Texas would have cleared this up quickly…

More fun with ICE…

Trump’s America…

You should have to walk around with proper papers. This isnt 1984

He is now an adult.

What his mother did should have no bearing on his treatment.

As I said before, I understand why there was confusion because of conflicting documents.

Lack of access to a phone aka being able to get a lawyer is the inexcusable part of this imo.