Border Patrol Outrage

You want to complain about something real? You want a valid complaint?


Galan said that the confusion from CBP may stem from the fact that Sanjuana solicited a visitors visa for Francisco when he was a minor and falsely claimed that he was born in Mexico.

Galan said Sanjuana feared it was the only way she could get him back into the U.S. because she was unable to get Francisco a U.S. passport due to her lack of legal status.

Now despite his mother jacking around,

Francisco Galicia told his mother, who lives in Edinburg, that he was detained because he didn’t have his U.S. passport. But she said he did present CBP with his Texas ID.

This is bad. The Board Patrol shouldn’t be able to do this. Where is the accountability? Who is in charge of this agency? Somebody needs to get to the bottom of this so that this never happens again. Republicans? Democrats? What solutions do you have to fix this problem? President Donald Trump?

It’s almost like it was posted before …in another thread…

Of course this is outrageous.

It’s almost like some people on these boards mentioned that incidents like this were going to happen based on current policies.

What current policy is this incident based on?

Why should I? I posted nothing non-factual

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Giving sweeping power and discretion to Centgov agencies in the name of the illusion of safety and security.

Zero tolerance… Did you miss the big press conference? Here is a video…

No, the specific policy that is in effect under Trump, but was not before.

Zero tolerance for what?

Reasonable suspicion. If he didn’t want to be detained for three weeks he should have brought proper ID.

Same thing would happen to ANY US citizen who can’t provide the authorities their legal papers on demand.

Small inconvenience for him, security from rapists and thieves for us. Go Trump go!

He says he did bring it and showed it.

Reasonable suspicion. Racial profiling works.

He showed his ID. Why do you keep quoting the SCOTUS?

They let him go eventually. Small price to pay to keep us safe from rapists and thieves.

Why do you hate border security? Trump is keeping us safe while leftists leave the front door open.

What did this have to do with Trump?

Proper ID like a Texas ID

This is all stemming from Donald’s efforts to keep us safe. Leftists have blocked his wall so he finds other means.

Falfurrias is 80 miles from the border.

That wonderfully 100miles that CBP get to play with