Bob Woodward’s Stunning Look into the Presidency


Sure you are.


It doesn’t mean Trump is guilty of anything. He isn’t a criminal as you keep parroting.


No. It’s not anybody’s guess. You can pretty much bet that a whole lot of republicans don’t want trump in office and will vote against him.


That is your Trump-hating opinion. You aren’t regurgitating something that I don’t already know.


If you believe this, then you clearly need to step out of the bubble you have arbitrarily placed yourself within.

Look at how many millions of Americans tune in to these respective radio programs.

Look at the millions of Americans that watch these different cable news programs.

Look at the millions of people that watch the nightly news on the Big 3.

And none of the above even begins to touch on the numbers of Americans that read the news online from a host of news outlets. Or who get their Apple News Feed directing them to a host of online news. Couple that with Facebook, Twitter and a ton of other social media outlets, and the numbers are going to be exponentially higher than 5-10 million people being aware of not only who Woodward is, but that he wrote a book that is highly critical of Trump and his administration.


My wife doesn’t follow politics. She knows Trump is President and that Hillary lost.


there is only one thing stunning about Woodward’s book.

That is that anybody gives a damn about Woodward.


I don’t doubt that someone who doesn’t follow politics could be influenced by MSM obsession with Trump-hating. I believe the MSM is counting on it. But if the past is any guide, many Americans do begin paying more attention as we get closer to a Presidential election. That is why I ignore polls this far out.


Getting my hardcover copy this Friday. I could’ve ordered the Kindle version but I’m old school.


Well, having interacted with vastly different arrays and segments of society, across the whole of this nation, for many decades now in my work as a consultant, I can assure you that your wife is the aberration rather than the norm. As a prime example, people who lived through the Nixon era, by large majorities, know who Bob Woodward is.

Now, that is not to say that most Americans are as in tune with the day-to-day happenings of politics. Rather, that they have more than just a passing knowledge of what is transpiring.


Trump’s approval amongst Republicans is currently in the 90% range.




have you paid attention to the sheer volume of Trump’s crazy tweets? the dude is doing it to himself.

all he had to do, after winning the election, was not play golf and stay off Twitter. he would have actually looked strong (when negotiating).


Why do you keep doing this? We have disagreement. Nothing you can say will change my mind. Move on already. :roll_eyes:


Sure, he has not been found guilty in a court of law…yet. But it does not mean he is not a criminal. Federal Prosecutors swore before a Federal Judge in a Federal Court that they had evidence to corroborate every single aspect of Cohen’s statements made before the court.

Because he is President and cannot be indicted, that makes Trump an unindicted co-conspirator to this criminal conspiracy which was designed to illegally affect the outcome of the election in his favor. This is reality no matter how desperate you want to pretend it is not.


Cut the crap.


I will agree that a good number of voters are going to vote one or the other party and are not political junkies. However there just might be more independents then you think that do follow what is going on. I know a few independents who are really interested in where candidates stand on quite a few issues. And then there are those that are being impacted by the tariffs. I have seen interviews with Trump supporters who have been laid off and are pretty pissed. Trump has been playing to his base and I believe that it is a huge mistake. He is not even trying to open up his tent. And I believe that one fact will be the cornerstone of his loss in 2020.


Truth is the truth.



It is an opinion that is heavily backed and supported by reams of evidence showing its validity. The Sanders-Clinton warring factions within the Democratic party were aligned and united in their enthusiasm to rebuild the party to take down Trump. We see it in the turnout numbers and huge swings in all of the special elections held thus far. We see it in the voter registration declines within the GOP and massive gains in the Democratic party. We see it in virtually all polling. We see it from the numbers of high ranking members of the GOP publicly denouncing the party and declaring their reasons for leaving.

Trump is killing the GOP, devolving it down to a loyal ~30% base of voters without the power to influence any election outcomes. And Trump has saved the Democratic party from further implosion and war among its rank-and-file over what transpired in 2016. Deny this reality at your own peril.


Frodo: I wish none of this had happened.

Gandalf: So do all who live to see such times, but that is not for them to decide. All we have to decide is what to do with the time that is given to us. There are other forces at work in this world, Frodo, besides the will of evil.”

Gandalf always so wise! :+1: