Bob Woodward’s Stunning Look into the Presidency


That’s a weak deflection from an accurate statement. One you clearly cannot refute.


So with 225 Americans of voting age, most would imply greater than 50%. Do you honestly believe 112+ Americans are paying that much attention to the partisan politics that seems to dominate our lives in this forum?


It’s a federal felony and a criminal conspiracy to defraud the American public. It was an effort to cheat and steal the election. I know you don’t care because it helped your favorite politician. Had it been the opposition, you’d be demanding a scalp. You’re nothing if not completely predictable in your allegiance to party over the rule of law or this nation.


Nope. And I already explained why. And you know it, which is why you cannot refute it.


Some people say that, but in my experience that’s just a talking point.

For example:

This person will be voting for a Republican no matter what the results are.

I think people are getting tired of feeling like their governments is a reality TV show


Your prior implications were that it was a negligible number of Americans that would be aware. If your contention now is that 100,000,000 Americans are aware, which is less than half, then I could agree with that potential. Which is still a LOT of Americans.


If you are referring to politics, you might be surprised at how many people are too busy with their everyday lives to pay any attention. In regards to Woodward’s book, they might hear about it in passing if they watch their nightly news but it won’t resonate. I’ll bet most of them don’t even know who Woodward is.

I can use my wife as a perfect example. She listens to the nightly news and reads the daily trash fed to her in her Yahoo main page. When I asked her she had no clue who Woodward was. When I received my copy of Woodward’s book, I showed it to her and she shrugged her shoulders and went on with what she was doing, having no curiosity whatsoever. I seriously believe she is representative of most Americans in that regard.


Political junkies maybe. Most Americans have no interest in politics, nor in the palace intrigue taking place in the White House.


Campaign violations are common place in politics. In regards to this particular case, Cohen pleading guilty doesn’t mean Trump is guilty of anything.


Wait. What? Your wife does not know who Bob Woodward is? She does not know anything about Watergate? She does not know how Richard Nixon came to resign and almost face both impeachment and prison? How old is she? Is she substantially younger than you?


One could make the case that had Jill Stein voters instead cast their vote for Hillary in the three battleground states Trump won, Hillary would be sitting in the White House today instead of Trump.


Unindicted co-conspirator in a criminal conspiracy to illegally affect the outcomes of the 2016 election in his favor. Welcome to reality.


The economy was on its current trajectory when trump showed up.

Please name 2 regulations that have been eliminated and how it was beneficial.

Tax reform for corporations was great. Individual taxpayers? Not so much, and it’s going to sunset.

Isis has been defeated?

What do you mean by repeal of the sequester?

Was our military not funded?


I already clearly stated my estimate was closer to 5 - 10 million that are really paying attention.


That has nothing to do with the fact that people like you, in your support of Trump, have managed to save the Democratic party from further implosion, and gravely damaged the Republican party for years to come.


How many different ways are y ou going to tell us that you think trump will run and win in 2020? It’s kind of amazing that you think the political environment will be the same as it was in 2016. Trump wouldn’t even win the primary today.


Your wife is well aware of the chaos as part of the Trump administration despite not knowing anything about Woodward.


actually, most people just catch the headlines. Trump has had nothing but bad headlines and insane tweets for awhile. i think that’s why his numbers with independents are dropping.


She is a couple of years younger than me. She obviously knows Nixon was President and that he resigned. But she never followed the Watergate scandal as it unfolded. She simply had no interest. I believe she is representative of mainstream Americans in general. They are simply too busy with their own lives to have any interest in politics.


What does “dispatch” mean? He won by a plurality in 2016, not by a majority. You probably don’t know why this is significant.