Bob Woodward’s Stunning Look into the Presidency


I’m somewhat shocked you actually believe that nonsense, but I’m not really surprised.


in this case it appears that a number of people here don’t know a number of things about the investigations and other stuff like what’s in this book.

so, maybe it’s the ostrich approach. which i guess is the same as the Fox only approach.


I’m kind of guessing you will be looking for a refreshing change with a DEM sitting in the WH. DEMs have got to love you for that.


Trump will dispatch any Republican who believes they could primary him, just as he did in 2016. My guess is that no one will bother wasting their time.


Why would that be shocking? His own personal attorney admitted as much in Federal court, with the backing and support of Prosecutors working for his own DOJ, who had to swear before a Federal Judge that they had the evidence to completely corroborate these statements.

You can pretend that this did not occur, but it did. This is reality. None of this is a dream. This is all really happening. Donald Trump is an unindicted co-conspirator in a criminal conspiracy to illegally affect the outcome of the 2016 election in his favor.


Show me where I said very few people are even aware of it. I thought you didn’t like it when people put words in your mouth?

I clearly said most Americans, and I stand by that statement.


I just began reading his book. I’m going into it with the assumption that everything he claims has some element of truth to it.


So you believe 70+ million (1/3) will read Woodward’s book in some form or fashion? I’m betting that we won’t even see 1/3 of the Trump-haters in this forum read the book. I’m thinking more like 5 to 10 million or so Americans, if that.



I’m hoping for a successful Primary of Trump as the best scenario for me personally. But if a Democrat ends up in the White House, it will be because of people like you who opted to throw your full weight and support behind someone as corrupt and immoral as Donald Trump. Not because of me.

And yes, plenty of Democrats do love you and your ilk. You guys have been the best thing to happen to their party. A normal GOP President with the full control over the whole of government would have gotten exponentially more Republican-led legislation through at this point, which would have served to only put the boot tighter into the necks of the Democrats, following their failures in 2016 with that moron Hillary.

With a strong economy, a strong Republican President would be swelling the ranks of the party in droves. Instead, they are abandoning the party in droves. Many are becoming independents who will stand against Trump. Others are actually being driven into the Democratic party itself. So, well done on your part. You and your support of Trump have effectively saved the Democratic party from further implosion, and effectively ensured grave damage will be done to the GOP for quite some time.


DEMs can spin Trump’s win anyway they like, but he did win. What will happen in 2020 is anybody’s guess. But if he keeps winning like he has been, I believe he will get his second term.


I was being hyperbolic and snarky in a post that was not a reply to you. I agree you said most Americans. I disagree with your take, but that is what you said.


I stand by my statement that most Americans will have no knowledge or interest.


Yep! Us dumb deplorables just got snookered. :rofl:


Yep! Hook line and sinker. DEM Trump-haters have you just where they want you.


I’m not predicting anything for 2018. I’m looking ahead to 2020.


No, didn’t say that, thank you.

I’m saying that adult citizens that keep themselves relative well informed would be “aware” of the book.

Roughly one third may not because they don’t consume the MSM, or get their information from the CEC.


I just began reading Woodward’s book, so I obviously don’t know what’s in it yet.


Sure a lot of folks will not read the book. But that does not mean that they have not read articles about it or have seen Woodward on TV. Or have not paid attention to Michael Wolff’s book or Omarose’s book. Or the mound of articles about the inner workings of the WH. Look at the turnover. Look at the idiots that have worked for this administration. It sure seems that you Trump supporters have such a blind eye to what is going on or just perhaps have set the bar so low that you don’t care.


Are we once again talking about the campaign violation crap? That is a big nothing burger that will go nowhere.


Actually I will be voting for the GOP candidate, whoever that might be. So if a DEM wins, it really will be the fault of the conservative never Trumpers, such as yourself, who decided to throw their vote away.