Bob Woodward’s Stunning Look into the Presidency


Plus it’s not like Woodward didn’t know the denials were coming. Most of his interviews probably began with “I’ll deny this later if asked about it, but …”


I think I know why you keep repeating this lie. You believe that everyone acts like right wingers in terms of sourcing their news.


I know. Completely insane. In an age of podcasts and e-books, this one is so popular and desired that even paper copies are being printed at record setting levels for modern times.

But I’m sure very few people are even aware of it…or something. :rofl:


I soured on Woodward when I read his John Belushi biography “Wired”. According to Dan Ackroyd, some of the events described by Woodward never happened – they were from rumors and secondhand stories from people who hardly knew John.


Are you going to believe drug addicted Hollywood elites or Bob Woodward?


I believe there are about 225 million or so eligible voters in the U.S. 1 million represents less than one half of one percent. Wouldn’t that fall far short of “most” Americans?


Don’t worry, BooBoo. Nobody believes Woodward’s book. You can go back to the bubble for a nice rest.


Trump will never run. Trump will never win the nomination. Trump will never be President. Trump will never complete his first term. Trump will never be re-elected.

At some point one would think that Trump-haters would stop counting him out.


Yep! Trump’s second term.


I’d estimate that percentage at about 1/3.

The ones who don’t do mainstream (Fake!) news.


Why? Isn’t it all about results?


Once again, it wasn’t Trump we underestimated.

We underestimated the number of those gullible enough to vote for him.


Trump only won because he was able to take certain districts in certain states and secure the EC. It has been shown that in some of those districts the difference was within a couple of thousand votes. All that needs to happen is that some folks who voted for him are now second guessing their vote. Considering he lost the popular vote by a couple of million, it really would not take much to deny him the EC next time around. Sure the Democrats must put up a viable candidate and have a good platform. But I will bet you dollars to dog nuts that there are quite a few people who are not happy about the man and how this country is being run. Film at eleven.


So a booming economy isn’t evidence. Less regulations isn’t evidence? Tax reform isn’t evidence? The defeat of Isis isn’t evidence? Repeal of the sequester and funding of our military isn’t evidence?

I understand that Trump-haters live in a bizarro world, but come on.


That is only representing the hard copy quantity of books being printed as of right now, with over 750,000 of them already pre-ordered. That does not count the quantity of people, like myself, who ordered and received the book as an e-book. I went with Audible. Many people will go this route, like me.

Additionally, we are talking about households, or multiple households, versus individual eligible voters. As an example, the single purchase on Audible allows me, my wife, our daughter and her husband, all to have access to the book, as we all share an Audible cloud.

Plug your ears and deny it all you want, but this thing is a known commodity across America already and it has barely even been out for 24 hours now. Couple it with the fact that Woodward is on a whirlwind book tour, hitting all forms of television broadcasting, and the reality is that Americans know.


Just like the undeniable trend in 2016. Hillary was already measuring curtains.


Well if you only listen to LW media and regurgitate LW talking points, I can see where you wouldn’t know what’s going on.


No because we know that he is a con man and the truth will be known in due time. We know that he is corrupt and that it will be exposed. We know that he has broken quite a few laws and that it will soon be exposed. And then we know that he will be counted out. And I truly feel sorry for those numb nuts who have bought this whole thing hook, line and sinker.


You keep saying this. He has Presided over ONE single piece of major legislation in his first two full years in office, while being the head of the party that controls every single aspect of government. Mind you, a piece of legislation that is also highly unpopular as well.


You predicting a red wave eh?