Bob Woodward’s Stunning Look into the Presidency


Oh i have no doubt the 63 million are smarter than their opponents.

No doubt at all. Journalists are like lawyers in that they are not to be trusted especially when using anonymous sources.


I have no idea what the effect will be 2.5 years from now. But I am interested in the effect all of the past month’s news have had on opinion polls and how that might effect the election this November. There is an undeniable trend, and it is not positive for this administration.


Well, if you only listen to Republican Media, and only read Republican websites I can see where you wouldn’t know what’s going on.


She didn’t even try and resonate with the working class that eventually brought her down. Lazy campaigner who only wanted to go to rich fat cat donor parties.


It’s always been that way…military personnel always get the brown end of the stick.


yeah, that was a major screw up. i still wonder if they had meetings where they were like “shhhhhh. be quiet. don’t move. trump is crazy. let him sabotage himself”.

heck, i thought the best strategy was just to let Trump talk.


They believed it when HuffPo told them that there was a 98% chance of their winning. Why would they do anything different? Just go out and collect even more money from the Hollywood elite for next time.

There is a drawback to being surrounded by an adoring elite.
You tend to believe them when they tell you how great you are.


I wouldn’t trust anyone who trusts Trump.



“We have reprinted six times for a total of seven to meet extraordinary demand – that will put one million books in print before we’ve even gone on sale,” a Simon & Schuster spokesperson told CNN.


So Woodward is a liar when he claims at the very beginning of the book that all of the reporting within the book is from direct, first hand sources who were present for the events he chronicles in the book? From which he recorded all of their conversations and has the tapes, but did the interviews on deep background. That’s the angle you’re going with here? That he just lied from the onset of the book itself and none of that is true? That he really just relied on his name and rumors?

Doug, just like with the anonymous op-ed, this stuff is real. I know you are desperate to not want to believe this is all happening with the politician you support, but it is man. This is not some dream. This is really happening. You really should try to accept reality at some point.




I didn’t say one word of what you claim I said. Straw man much.
They are all hearsay, unless Woodward was there.
What I said was that he was selective in what he included to create a false theme. I say that because that is what many in his book are now saying.
True, some who are saying that may have ulterior motivations for saying so now…or for what they said then.
So may Woodward, for what he chose to write.


Trump engaged in an illegal criminal conspiracy to affect the outcome of the election in his favor in 2016, and managed to eek out an EC victory by a mere 78,000 votes in three states, likely as a result of this criminal endeavor.

No, Trump’s core base will not abandon him. But Trump’s core base is nowhere even remotely close to being large enough to help him win reelection. He has to broaden that coalition massively, and likely cheat and break some laws again, to win once more. Especially now that he has a record with which he is running against. Which has seen one…I repeat, ONE…single piece of major legislation getting passed in his first two years in office, when he is the head of the party that controls every single part of the government. That is the reality he has to run on.


They don’t have to be “Trump-haters” to disapprove of the performance in office and want someone else other than him in there. Heaven knows he has given honest, moral, ethical Americans plenty of reason to be disgusted with him and not want to see him continue to debase the office of the Presidency any longer than he already will be allowed.


Count on Democrats to nominate a sanctuary cities, socialist type to hand Trump a second term.
If he isn’t primaryed first.


It is apparent, just like with the anonymous op-ed, that you don’t want to accept that this is the reality of this administration. You can call it a strawman if you like, but I suspect we both know it is the truth that you really don’t want to believe.

Now, if I am mistaken, feel free to correct me and let me know that you do understand that what Woodward has written and what the anonymous op-ed writer wrote, are both accurate accounting of what is truly going on within this administration, as told by the people who are actually there, living it first-hand.

Or, you can go on making posts about how it is just the Woodward name, and anecdotes and rumors, and selective writing designed to create a false theme etc., to further engage in your denial of reality. But eventually, you probably should accept the truth that this is what is really happening my friend.


I’m afraid they were credible accounts. If credible hearsay was ignored, hardly anybody would go to prison.


I would not be even a little surprised if they do go that route. Their party leadership is full of a bunch of morons.


A million?

That is actual books. Made out of paper. The real thing.

Not counting electronic versions.

Trump is evidently bringing back jobs to timber country.


Lol…you havent looked at who is just picked for scotus huh?