Bob Woodward’s Stunning Look into the Presidency


He can’t keep up with his own deflections.


No. But the public responses of those working in the WH, and some of the critical people from the book who had worked in the WH, makes it clear that this is only part of the story.
Cohn and Porter stated that this book doesn’t represent their overall positive view and memories of having worked in the WH, not that they didn’t say specific things. And they have no jobs to lose.
Like I said, selective anecdotes that represent the biases of expected readers.


They have reputations to lose. Maybe.

Trump supporters aren’t friendly to people who turn on them.


There are two points in play here.

Some amount of dissent is inherent in every administration. That is a fact. Only in a Trump administration is this perceived as a crisis.

In Trump’s case, his management style fosters a kind of dissent that sometimes borders on chaos. That is unique to Trump.

But what’s ironic is that despite the chaos things are getting done. And in the end it really is all about results.

So, while Trump-haters continue to obsess about process, Trump supporters will remain focused on results.


Americans aren’t hanging on to it’s content, but it’s playing a part in coloring the overall national opinion of the man.


So you believe Trump supporters will be swayed to vote against him? Seriously?

I actually believe it will have the opposite effect in 2020, just as it did in 2016.


Forgive me for being one of those persons who feel chaos in the executive branch isn’t a good thing for the country.

This is completely irrelevant to the discussion. This isn’t about other administrations.

“Things are getting done” is in your opinion only. There are a lot of things that definitely aren’t getting done. Healthcare reform. Immigration reform. Getting anywhere close to balancing a budget. Entitlement reform. Education reform. Trade renegotiation. Does anyone know what our policy in Syria, Yemen, Afghanistan is?

The original point, and it still stands, that the denials for public consumption are disrespectful to the public since the public is well aware that they are false.


All that’s needed to defeat Trump is a higher turnout (which was down considerably in 2016) and for independents who were on the fence to decide enough is enough.

No one is trying to sway the true believers.


So independents will become Trump-haters? That is the DEM strategy for 2020?


We aren’t even at the 2 year mark in Trump’s first term. There are many things going on behind the scenes. Just because you aren’t personally being kept up-to-date doesn’t mean there is nothing going one in those areas.


Trump supporters are focused? That’s a new one. Their heads are in a fog.


It is not a strategy, it is a reality. Trump’s support from independents has dropped over 20 points. If turnout is the same in 2020 as 2016, with those numbers he would lose.


No, the Day of Reckoning is coming.


Don’t be so insulting.

You don’t have to hate Trump to vote against him. You just have to be sick of the chaos.


Woodward provides us a good look behind the scenes.

It’s chaos.

Sorry but I don’t see evidence of what you are suggesting. If you want to take it as a matter of faith, that’s your business. The rest of us are going to focus on results.


Trump supporters? No. Do you think his base is growing or shrinking?


So…[fill in your own straw man]


Then how do you know about them?


I remember when this was a common deflection during the Bush years too, along with “we don’t need to know what’s going on behind the scenes.”


It’s funny, there’s a reason you hear nothing but pro forma denials about Woodward because everyone knows that he records all his interviews and that’s everyone talks to him because they know everyone else talks to him and he uses multiple accounts to reconstruct what happened in meetings and so forth.

Ask Donald Rumsfeld what happens when you deny being interviewed by Woodward.