Bob Woodward’s Stunning Look into the Presidency


There are loads of republicans who identify as independent.


It is the number of Republicans that is the problem, not the loyalty of the remaining ones to Trump.


Why do I provide logic and facts and links to support my point? Because that is standard practice in a debate. The real question is why you don’t?


I know reality stings. Well, not really. Since it is your favorite politician and all. You don’t care about Law and Order. Now, had it been Clinton or some other Democrat, boy oh boy would it be different.


She watches the nightly news. What do you think they talk about?


not towards impeachment. But it will affect him in the polls that he lied about paying off stormy. Not with people like you…You were a lost cause after the access hollywood tape. But women,Independents etc will walk away from him.

Dems have a 12 point generic lead. That covers their margins. They now have a 1 and 3 chance of taking the senate. I dont think they will take the senate, but those are trump odds.

Or you going to dismiss their 1 and 3 chance?


i meant to tell you that they did answer my question on the podcast, and they disagreed with the premise that the Polling being so high is because the GOP is more concentrated.

I still dont fully agree with that. It doesnt make logical sense to me.


Yeah, the facts on the ground don’t bear that one out for me either. But it is neat they answered and discussed it.


they said that ( well i wouldnt have to tell you if you listened) because of policies that the GOP remains faithful.


Yeah, yeah. I know. :man_facepalming:

As long as the donor class and the $$$ continue to roll, then they will do what they are told by them. We all know this is really the reality of the GOP politicians. But the evidence of the party contracting is available to us all to see for ourselves. That is where logic leads me.


i agree…Im currently emailing him my rebuttal. I think of it like a pie. The approval is at 90% of the pie, But if you add in those people who left back into the GOP, They start to eat away at that % of the pie.

I dont think its totally about the money, more about they want to keep their jobs. Which isnt what running for congress is about. I mean on one hand you want to represent the people who elected you, but you should make a career out of it. I wonder what would it would be like currently if we did have some sort of term limit? What would trump look like now?


So the system is rigged?


He was even on Fox today. Which means peek has no excuse now. :slight_smile:


Exactly. This is where I am at here as well.

I didn’t mean about the money, as in the personal enrichment for these politicians. Although, there is plenty of that as well. I mean exactly what you suggest here, that it is about maintaining their seat at the table. And what allows them to do that is the Big $$$ donors, for whom they do their bidding, in order to keep the money flow coming, which helps them maintain said seat.

As for term limits, I oppose them. Although I completely see both sides of this one. I just don’t want to be restricted from voting for the person I want for some arbitrary reason. But they would definitely change the way our government functions, that is for sure. I’m sure in some ways for the better, but I could imagine in other ways for the worse.


The irony about “playing to his base” is that, practically every day, he pisses off yet another part of the base.


Independents aren’t paying a lot of attention right now either. I understand the temptation to assume our interest in politics translates to the general public. I really doesn’t.


That’s interesting. Polling shows 85% to 90% approval amongst Republicans. About where it was when he was elected.


Someone has been telling you a lie about what Huffington Post was predicting, and you are repeating it.

“The HuffPost presidential forecast gives Democratic presidential nominee [Hillary Clinton] a 98 percent chance of winning the general election on Tuesday. That means we’re pretty darn certain that ― barring some major catastrophe, scandal or nearly every single poll being wrong ― Clinton will be elected.”

You’re welcome. Glad I could clear it up for you and the idiots who gave your fake post 2 likes.


You do what you always do. You arrogantly hoist yourself up onto your high horse and proclaim your opinion as fact. Your opinion is just that. No more or less valid than mine is. You might think otherwise, but that too is just your opinion.

I believe we might be done now.


Goes in one ear and out the other. She is more interested in local news and pretty much ignores anything having to do with what is going on in politics. I know that is hard for political junkies to comprehend, but it is what it is.