BLM/Biden supporters attack Trump supporters at the Trump rally in DC

Does anyone honestly think we are just going to come together and be one big happy family?

I’ll bet none of the victims were armed teenagers.

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Time again to ask Trump if he condemns white nationalists.


From the link:

One MAGA march woman was punched in the head from behind. In another instance, BLM and Antifa attacked a family with three children as they tried to leave downtown DC.

They’re animals…and should be treated as such.


increased gun sales?

no… peace love & communism…

Was the Trump supporters wearing Nikes? I hope not.

How do we know BLM is involved? Is it because there are black people present?

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You know all jokes aside this needs to stop, I am scared any day we are going to hear about the crazy man who shows up with fully automatic rifles dressed in plate armor like the infamous LA bank robbery and start mowing people down, then there might not be any stop to it.

Anyone surprised as me that hadn’t happened yet? It needs to stop.

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We’ve had lone wolf shooters mowing people down by the bunches for a decade plus with actual media coverage and no one gave a ■■■■■

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Yep, â– â– â– â–  is definitely ugly out there.

Meh. Seems like the MAGA crowd came lookin for a fight and found one.


Maybe it’s because of their almost 100% track record of violence at every event they’ve been involved in since their movement began. Maybe because of the “peaceful” things they have been chanting at almost all of their gatherings. You know like “WHAT DO WE WANT? PIGS IN A BLANKET! FRY EM LIKE BACON” Maybe it’s because of their war on police, their calls for defunding of police has so diminished the morale of police and caused so many to retire that there really isn’t enough to protect innocent people anymore in many places.

Why do you pretend these things haven’t been happening and that BLM isn’t causing a lot of it?

Maybe if black leaders and their Lib politician masters would stop promoting the black victim mentality in African Americans, the “problems” in race relations would go away on their own. But then, who would need all those compassionate Democrats and all their wonderful government programs that have been so successful in helping all the poor black people so much?


Maybe people say fry them like bacon because the cops suck.

Wow. Do go on.

Well, that is 100% not true.


Ohhhh boy! Dis is juicy! I especially love the “problems” in quotes.


BLM has a track record of violence? Or are you saying that there is violence at BLM rallies? There is a difference

How exactly DO so many “cops that suck” get hired in cities that have had DEMOCRAT mayors for decades? Maybe it’s the MAYORS AND POLICE CHIEFS APPOINTED BY THOSE DEMOCRAT MAYORS that are the problem… :thinking:

Is that a possibility??