Blazing Saddles


Sexual assault is more of a serious issue than painted face.


You must be going ape ■■■■ over Fairfax then.


Apparently not.


Yes. This isn’t hard.


He didn’t have a “skin condition” he had his melanin producing cells killed off with a laser to look more white.


Common sense is so uncommon today most don’t recognize it when they see it.

Well done.


Someone needs to dig up all the black entertainers like Scatman Kruthers from that era and tell them they were racists.



Nope he had Vitiligo.


No he didn’t, vitiligo results in the skin turning white with a reddish or pinkish tinge, not a lighter shade of brown.

This is what black people with vitiligo actually look like.




As you can see it also occurs in patches, not over the entire body.


Yep, and he used make up to match it.


Just keep making it up as you go along if that’s all you have. I guess it beats accepting reality.



And yet it still happened.


Please, say something original and based in fact for a change.


And it STILL happened.


And the photos prove it didn’t.


At the precise time that photo was taken it does, before that nope.


Yes it does. The disease does not act in that way, it’s patchy in every case and it doesn’t turn the skin a lighter shade of brown much less milk white.

Thee will always be a degree of red/pinkish tint to it.


I m not going to waste anymore time with you.

Libs have been making statements similar to that for the duration of Trump’s campaign and presidency…the claim that he and his supporters are racists is frequent and stupid.

You made that claim in your KKK comment, got called out, then raced to the “it’s a joke” fallback.

Sorry Francis not buying the ■■■■■■■■ you are selling.


I guess that’s only true if someone from the right is accused of such things.


Black entertainers of that time did what they needed to do in order to make a living. Their participation shouldn’t be viewed as an endorsement of white racism or as an excuse.