Blazing Saddles

I’m not a Northam fan, nor do I think the yearbook photo was appropriate, however the photo is not racist, poor taste yes definitely, but not racist. It looks to me like two college kids dressed as extreme opposites thinking that it would be comical, kinda like going to a party today dressed as Hillary and Trump. Watch the movie Blazing Saddles which was released in the mid 70’s and see if you don’t agree that the humor is similar. Opinions have changed a lot in the last 35 years.

I would much prefer people dislike Northam based on his abortion stance or the fact that he accused his opponent of being racist without merit. Falsely accusing someone of being racist is one worst things that can happen to someone and for people to toss that word around so lightly is severely hurting race relations.


At the time, it was.

I’m tired of all the retroactive outrage of late.

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Dressing in blackface is racist.

There was never any outrage over any racism, sexism or any other types of bigotry or outright crimes committed by liberals until Trump came into office. Democrats founded the KKK, resisted equality for African Americans all the way through the 60s, beat up, blew up and lynched African Americans, blocked integration of schools and sent KKK grand wizard Robert Byrd to the Senate multiple times.

On the sexist/misogynist side, they worshipped a dynasty founded on money made from boot legging and swindling. Elected JFK, who had secret tunnels under the White House used to smuggle in his mistresses to carry out his adulterous affairs. Made one of his philandering brothers attorney general and sent the most drunken, lecher of them all to the Senate for many terms AFTER he got drunk, drove off a bridge and left a woman to drown while he went home to sober up.

They put another sexual predator in the White House. This one had an affair with a subordinate (that in itself would get most CEOs fired) with a woman young enough to be his daughter ( should outrage every father out there, regardless of political party) was accused of rape by multiple women lied about it to Congress, and was impeached. And libs elected him twice too.

But hey, boys will be boys right?? That is until someone got some footage of Donald Trump talking disgusting trash about groping women and NOW they’re outraged?? Yeah right… Real champions of equality and moral decency.

And Republicans put it in the Oval Office… so what’s your point?


A couple things. The first is that you are right. In the 1980s, ethnic humor (including blackface, etc.) was more acceptable. It wasn’t considered a good thing (it was pretty classless humor, which was allowed then), but it wouldn’t be something that should disqualify your from public office.

Second, the whole point of Blazing Saddles was poking fun at racial stereotypes, etc.

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Well, now it is, but it wasn’t considered racist in 1984. It was considered tacky humor. I cringe at the Halloween costume I wore in 1987. However, humor back then was different and less snowflaky than it is now.

Me, too. It’s just unfair to judge an action of 30 years ago by today’s standards.

Clearly false, but not surprised since it has been peddled by CEC for years now.

The first Klan was founded in Pulaski, Tennessee, sometime between December 1865 and August 1866 by six former officers of the Confederate army[21] as a fraternal social club inspired at least in part by the then largely defunct Sons of Malta.

Its always been considered racist what planet do you live on

This will be difficult for you but:

Prove it.

If Trump is a Klan member, he is the worst Klan member ever. He has managed to roll back approximately zero civil rights laws. Has commuted the prison sentences of several blacks. And has reduced their unemployed to record lows. Millions of minorities have left the prison of welfare. Simply a pathetic record of racism. Is the Klan the new NAACP? Calling somebody an awful name, does not make it true.


If I had made a comment that was meant to be, in any way, shape, or form serious, it would have backing. Since it was a throwaway joke, I’ve got nothing and I’m happy with that. You may now unbunch :slight_smile:

Shouldn’t that read “Some Democrats”?

More Democrats voted FOR the Civil Rights Act than voted AGAINST it so you can’t even say “most Democrats”.

You should be more careful with your broadbrushing. I hear their forum has rules.

On no. It was definitely racist back then. It’s always been racist.

Okay. Hard to tell with all of the hysteria going on. Am I right? But I am now officially unbunched.

Yeah, it totally wasn’t racist back then, that’s why Ted Danson was absolutely crushed for showing up in blackface at a Friar’s Roast in the early 1990s.

I think it’s obvious that not every single Democrat or Republican walks lock step on every single issue. There are some pro life Democrats just as there are some pro choice Republicans, there are some anti illegal alien Democrats and some pro illegal alien Republicans etc. The vast majority of the time I am speaking of the ideologies of the parties. For example, I don’t support or condone the immoral things that Trump or Clinton have done. It’s the conservative ideology vs. the liberal ideology that I use to choose, but sure, there are exceptions to every rule.

No they didn’t. Completely made up BS isn’t helping your argument any.

Somebody has to take over the championing, Most Republicans left that duty to vote for Trump.