Blazing Saddles


Yes of course. Democrats were so eager to grant civil rights to African Americans that all those boycotts, protests and riots through the 50s and 60s were hardly even necessary to put pressure on southern politicians. And I’ll bet George Wallace was only concerned about the safety of those African Americans from local Republican thugs when he stood in that school doorway preventing desegregation…

You guys haven’t managed to erase history from everyones minds yet. But kudos for your efforts. Your liars are much better than our liars, I’ll grant you that.

If only so many Republicans weren’t spineless idiots and would stand up for America and our history like Trump is doing…


Without republicans in the house and senate the Civil Rights act of 64 was doomed to fail.


Stand by for liberal denial of this truth…


“where’s all the white women at?”

  • non white guy in blazing saddles

back then that was funny because no one was brainwashed yet

see you in two weeks


Not to mention All in the Family and the Jefferson’s…


Americans still had both an individual and collective sense of humor.

Comedy was one of the most effective tools at getting people to engage in a little self reflection.


Ok, thanks. And did you note that more Democrats voted FOR the Civil Rights Act than voted against? Since that is demonstrably true, can we say the Democrats supported civil rights? I mean, that would be more accurate than saying they weren’t, right?


Very true. And without Democrats in the house and senate the Civil Rights Act of 64 was doomed to fail.


Political correctness has destroyed comedy and self reflection. A homogeneous collective is easier to control than a nation of thinking people capable of learning from ourselves and each other.


And Robert Byrd thanks all you for your support.


Are you saying I have lied?

And you are 100% right in that southerners were strongly opposed to civil rights. You are aware that every single Southern Republican voted against the CRA, aren’t you? More northern Dems voted for the CRA than northern Republicans. More northern Republicans voted against the CRA than northern Democrats.

My point isn’t to try and label one party more racist than the other party. It is to show that voting on the CRA followed geography INDEPENDENT OF PARTY.

But if you want me to say that many southern democrats were racists jerks, I’ll be happy to concede that point.

All that being said, will you agree the racism, as shown by the CRA vote, was far more geographic than political? I’m freaking tired of typing this missive every few months.


Never voted for him but I’ll give him credit for admitting his racist days were wrong. Clearly we have the capacity for forgiveness as the NAACP had no problem with him. It was up to his WV voters to decide. I never heard Strom Thurmond repudiate any of his old views but I could be wrong.


It is absolutely insane how short some memories remain.


You found him. And now let’s talk about Denis Haster


I’ll grant, and I have many times, that racism is a fact of our past, on both sides. There are also too many racists today- on both sides. What pisses me off is being labeled a racist by people who lack either the intellectual capacity or moral integrity to define the term. It is a term thrown around by people who run out of anything genuine to say. I have a lot of faults. You could truly criticize or laugh at many things about me and I probably would laugh at myself too. I am not politically correct, but that is not the same as being racist. Racism is hatred, not simply disagreement. Racism is an attitude, not occasionally putting your foot in your mouth. Racism is deliberate action, not thoughtless impulse.

I am sick and tired of being called racist simply because I am a middle aged white guy who detested the liberal policies of a black president.

Liberals diminish the effects genuine racism has had on our country by using it as just another way to insult conservatives.



The Democratic Parties of the 1860s, of the 1880s, of the 1960s, and of today are not the same.


Thomas Jefferson: racist, slave-owner, anti-Tenth Amendment, socialist, Democrat.


What do democrars from the 60s have to do with the year 2019?


He was an american. I guess that means current americans are pro slavery?


Back when minorities knew their place in the punch line.