Blazing Saddles


I’m mocking the “Democrats are racists because they were the party of slavery during the Civil War”. It relies on the assumption that the Democratic Party had the same soul throughout the 200+ years it has existed. The people who make this declaration typically like Thomas Jefferson, prefer state government to the federal government, and hate socialism. If they wish to say the Democrats of today—whom they also call socialists and anti-Tenth Amendment—share continuity with the Democrats of the Civil War, then let them also spit on Thomas Jefferson (who did own slaves) and denounce him as a pro-federal government socialist as well as a racist (they get angry whenever the Founding Fathers are denounced and called racists by Democrats).


We’re good. I’ve never thought of you as a racist. Go ahead and criticize Obama as much as you like. That’s not racism.

I do agree the term can be thrown around too casually sometimes.


Lighten up Francis.


Dressing in blackface wasn’t at the time comical.


It was racist in 1984 if you would have asked a African American.


Blackface has always been racist, ask anyone African American who has ever lived.


Political correctness hasn’t ruined anything.

being offensive isn’t comedy. simply because the next generation doesn’t find your “Jokes” funny doesn’t mean comedy is dead.


How would you know? You weren’t even born yet.


What exactly does “blackface” have to do with “Blazing Saddles”, “All in the Family”, or “The Jeffersons”?


The OP is defending blackface.

I’m not a Northam fan, nor do I think the yearbook photo was appropriate, however the photo is not racist

There is a period of time when White people found blackface funny that time ended long before the 1980s.


No he isn’t. Try reading the words that are actually written in the OP rather than what you are making up.

Blackface doesn’t kill anyone, late term abortion and the infanticide now being promoted by democrats like Northam both do.

How is it excusing “blackface” to state you’re more upset by the killing of full term babies than you are by offensive humor?


What is the first sentence written in the OP?

I’m not a Northam fan, nor do I think the yearbook photo was appropriate, however the photo is not racist

The photo is racist, blackface is racist and Northam should resign.


also no one is killing full term babies.


The NY and VA bills would legalize exactly that.


show me the text in the bill that allows it.


Then why were democrats laughing at a blackface skit at a fundraiser in 2002?


because they are a bunch of racists.


The bills proponents stated exactly that in the hearings. You’ve seen the video so don’t play dumb.


You claimed it was no longer funny but yet they are laughing at it.

Make up your mind.


The bill say that parent can terminate non viable fetus.

you know what the world non-viable means right? the baby is going to die.