Blazing Saddles


I’ll miss you.


Al Jolson has been mocked for decades and decades and decade for doing The Jazz Singer, so, uh, yeah.

Mickey Rooney doing the Asian guy in Breakfast at Tiffany’s too.


Are you aware of the term “shucking and jiving” and what it means?


Sexual assault knows no left/right, black/white, male/female.


Wouldn’t know that from dems on here.


What? Where they slaves or employees/contractors?


What kind of power do you think these black entertainers had back then? Who was calling the shots? Who was giving them these opportunities, who was telling them what and how to perform things? Sure, they might have had a modicum of sway, but overall, their ability to perform was allowed by white people and white culture.


When the “racism” folks have time to get upset over is old statues or Halloween costumes…