Blazing Saddles


Dems seem to want to justify everything, even Justifying Northam’s “Racism”.


Actually, I was referring to Barry’s many voluntary associations.

I don’t hold it against him what his mom, his grandparents or Frank Marshall Davis were as those were essentially involuntary associations on his part.


Third one who just couldnt’ take a throwaway joke for exactly what it is… and they say Republicans have no sense of humour. To paraphrase my previous response, lighten the everloving ■■■■ up Francis.


Dude that was not a throwaway joke. That was a ridiculous assertion you could not prove so now you are backpedaling after getting called out Francis.


Many of them were as was shown in the interviews of many during that week.


You can’t back track far enough or fast enough to bury that one by claiming now that it was intended as a joke.


No one is justifying his racism. A majority of Democrats have recommended he resign.


Trump didn’t at first. Then after some backlash, he spoke a few days later to condemn the white supremacists.


Was Michael Jackson a racist in your eyes then for doing the opposite?


I m wondering how far this one is going to go…

Blackface I always thought was stupid but I started skipping Halloween when I was 6. Dressing up in general is dumb to me.

But a white darkening his or her skin is racist…

Is a man dressing as a woman sexist…or vice versa?

A non native dressing as a Native American must be some kind of ism right? Is it worse to dress up as someone else for a day for fun, or to misappropriate another ethnicity’s identity just so you can check a box to advance your career?

There are perfectly legitimate reasons that man shouldn’t be governor of Virginia anymore…they have to do with his idiotic positions in abortion. For that I hope the people of his state choose to send him packing.


For having a skin condition?


Thanks…I’d never heard or read that. I thought he did it purposefully, like his nose.


That should read “southern democrats”.


Here,s a riddle for you @WildRose

What do Robert Byrd and AOC have in common besides both being members (or in Byrd’s case was)
Of the Democratic Party?

The answer of course is nothing.

Sorry the dog ain’t hunting



Meh you can take it as you will - as you will regardless of what I say. If your opinion of me has fallen I suspect I’ll survive.


Sure. I, of course, 100% believe Trump is a member of the KKK. Definitely. No question. Thanks for playing.


So all the old time entertainers who painted their faces are racists? Me thinks this whole thing was blown waaaay out of proportion.


Of course you do. He’s a democrat, he can do no wrong.


Excuse me? I don’t care which party he belongs to. Jesus Christ, it was 35 years ago. I have no skin in the game because he’s not my Governor. I see the timing as peculiar.


I saw the timing of the Kavanagh accusations peculiar too.