Blazing Saddles


Yes. I didn’t see any caveats in my original statement.


Who has ever called Nazis or white supremacists good? However, these are ideologies that individuals choose to believe. If an individual can, at some point in their life, realize the wrongness of their beliefs and the harm it has caused, can they not repent of it and ask forgiveness for it? Someone has pointed out the Democrat party has changed, they no longer have the same racist mindset that they had in past years. Someone said Robert Byrd repented, and then became accepted by the NAACP. I asked about Ted Danson- is he a racist? If change and forgiveness are possible, assume it and grant it equally to everyone. Isn’t that what liberals preach, fairness to everyone??


Trump. “there are good people on both sides”

dont you follow politics?

He actually said those very words as president.



Geez, maybe I missed the point in my lifetime when blackface wasn’t racist.

There was certainly a time where being overtly racist wasn’t nearly as big a deal, but that ain’t the same thing, is it?


Giving me words spoken without the full quote and context doesn’t really prove your point. For all I know he could have been talking about the Superbowl. How about at least a reference here??




Byrd helped build the modern democratic party. Hell, he’s only been out of office for just over 8 years.


He said nothing about the “white nationalists” as you well know. There were two sides, pro and anti statue.

The WN’s were a small fraction of the people present that were pro statue.


There was the pro statue, pro white, pro statue Unite the Right white nationalist organized rally and counter protestors against all of that of which several where injured and one was killed.


There are perfectly legitimate reasons for not wanting to see the statues torn down that have nothing to to with racism or white nationalism and that’s why the majority of the people were there.

There are legitimate reasons why people want to see them torn down, that’s just a disagreement between two groups both with legitimate reasons for their positions.

“Unite the Right” does not have a racist message any more than “unite the left” does.,

That was the only point the POTUS was making and to claim otherwise is simply dishonest.,


They weren’t there for the statues.

That’s why Jason Kessler invited all white supremacists as keynote speakers


Proof isn’t going to work. Trump supporters have dug in, and aren’t budging.


See my reply above :point_up:


Simply dishonest is the liberal M.O. Guilt by association you know… Unless of course you’re Barack Obama attending a black liberation church for 20 years or being mentored by terrorists like Bill Ayers, no sir, no influence on him whatsoever! :roll_eyes::roll_eyes:


Guilt by many voluntary associations?


What’s your point?

Your suggestion that we put the KKK into the White House is stupid and false.

I m sick of the false labels of racism.


**[quote=“Rurudyne, post:97, topic:131628, full:true”]
Guilt by many voluntary associations?

As WR pointed out, there are reasons other than being a white nationalist that people might protest the removal of a Lee statue and show up to protest. Trump condemned the hate groups and mob violence. Why do you ignore these facts?


Amen! I know very few people, including The Holier than Thou smart guy in the room phonies on the left, who could stand up to the scrutiny of something they may have done that might well have seemed like no big deal at the time 35 years ago…

I would like to see Virginia’s people remove the governor for his stupid abhorrent comments in the last few days on abortion.

If the new standard is that something you did or said or wore to a party 35 years ago …

We might just as well all call it quits.


Exactly … some of the garbage that emanates daily from the ridiculous liberal narrative is just…

Well garbage!


If you had said 30-46 years he had that housing discrimination suit forcing him to quit discriminating against blacks. Other than that, maybe in his year books?