Blazing Saddles


This woman wrote the VA bill.


The bill says you can terminate any fetus right up to the moment of birth. There is no requirement for it to be non viable.


Yes if the mother health is at risk.

the bill allow late term abortion in two cases mother health or if the child is non-viable.

read the bill.


Either you have no idea what you are talking about or you are intentionally misrepresenting the bill.

Which is it?


iv read the bill have you? the bill allow late term abortion for two reasons neither of which are abortion on demand.

you would rather risk the health of the mother, or force them to give birth to a dying/dead child.


Then you are indeed intentionally misrepresenting it.

  • “Eliminates the requirement that two other physicians certify that a third trimester abortion is necessary to prevent the woman’s death or impairment of her mental or physical health, as well as the need to find that any such impairment to the woman’s health would be substantial and irremediable.”


I’m sure you include Joy Behar in that.


Of course Robert Byrd is dead and has as much revelance to the modern day Democratic Party as honest Abe Lincoln does to the Republicans. The modern Democratic Party bears no resembalance to that Democratic Party. Why not talk about the current Democratic Party which is comprised blacks, Hispanics and women. And the Republican Party which is comprised of basically white men.



The civil rights movement was a huge cultural shock to racists. These are their remnants.


Way to ruin the thread. :wink:


What is the statute of limitations on racism exactly? While you apparently allow for the concept that Democrats have evolved, that they have disavowed their past racist mentality, that things they did decades ago should be forgiven, you don’t allow Republicans the same forgiveness.

What has Donald Trump done, within the last 30-40 years to be legitimately called a racist? Name one thing he has done, and by extension, the Republican party that gives this mindless mantra truth…


By coincidence, it’s only Democrats that seem to be in those racist pictures… Do you really believe that Ted Danson, given his relationship with Whoopie Goldberg is a racist? We all have done things that in hindsight, especially YEARS later, we realize were dumb. I don’t think Norham should be forced out because of a stupid act caught on film, but the stupidity of political correctness demands it…


He’s been dead for years.
Any other dead people you want to give thanks?


Black face lead to lynch mobs and oppression. Its funny to see some posters twist themselves into a pretzel to defend a democrat’s racist actions.


Yes it eliminates the three doctor requirement.

Does not create abortion on demand. Still requires the condition of non-viability or health of the mother is at risk…just doesn’t require that three doctors have to sign off on that.

Just how many women out there do you think would carry a baby almost to term and suddenly decide to just have an abortion on a whim?

You honestly think there’s pent-up demand for that?


It was pretty funny in birth of a nation.


At the time it was made, people took it seriously.


Sorry hang on i am wiping sarcasm leaking from my post. :grinning:


I am the derp


spreading this lie

“There are good people on both sides.”

sorry there are no good nazis or white supremacists.

“Jews will not replace us”